QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0433

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Chapter 433: Lin Qianqian Came Back

Lin Qianqian, who Su Manyu had been talking about, came back. When Ning Shu and Su Manyu headed back to the dorm, they encountered Lin Qianqian being carried into the dorm on a stretcher.

Ning Shu furrowed her brows. Su Manyu asked, “Why’s she coming back in this half dead state?”

Ning Shu shook her head as she watched Ji Qingyuan walk in. She really couldn’t understand what the male and female leads were doing.

When she walked into the dorm, she saw that Lin Qianqian was sitting on a wheelchair. Her face was now very thin and she was actually wearing a cotton-padded jacket even though it was the middle of summer.

It was clear that she had too much yin energy in her body. Ji Qingyuan looked at Lin Qianqian with heartache but Lin Qianqian nodded in a docile manner and said, “Qingyuan, I’m fine.”

“Don’t worry, the ghost will be exorcised soon.” Ji Qingyuan squeezed Lin Qianqian’s hand.

When Ning Shu saw the cast on LQ’s leg, she felt like there was something wrong with Ji Qingyuan’s head and it wasn’t just a little issue either. Why was he stuffing her in the dorm even though her injury was this severe? Did Lin Qianqian no longer want her leg?

“Zhuang Yutong, let’s go talk to the teacher and ask to switch dorms. There’s no way we can stay with the white lotus flower. If anything happens, we’ll be the ones in trouble.” Su Manyu’s face was filled with ridicule as she pulled Ning Shu back out of the dorm.

Ji Qingyuan’s face was pale and he didn’t speak. However, Lin Qianqian called out weakly, “Su Manyu, Zhuang Yutong, wait a minute.”

Ning Shu turned around to see what Lin Qianqian wanted to say.

“Have you guys been disturbed by the ghost lately?” asked Lin Qianqian.

Su Manyu took the initiative to answer. “All’s quiet, all was good.”

Su Manyu could tell that Lin Qianqian’s days hadn’t been peaceful and was purposely provoking her. Lin Qianqian saw that Ning Shu and Su Manyu’s complexions were nice. Their faces were glowing and a little flushed, showing that they had been eating and sleeping well.

Even the dull Zhuang Yutong had gotten much prettier. Lin Qianqian’s heart filled with bitterness. When she had been in the hospital, the ghost kept coming to bother her. Although she had gotten a talisman from the Daoist priest and wasn’t hurt, the abrupt disturbances that kept occuring was about to give her a heart attack.

Ji Qingyuan wanted to bring her home but Ji Qingyuan’s father wouldn’t let her in. He said that he didn’t want her to bring something dirty in.

Lin Qianqian wanted to stay by the Daoist priest’s side, but that priest was very arrogant and would only stay in the Ji family’s villa. However, Ji Qingyuan’s father refused to let her into the Ji family house. Lin Qianqian was very hurt by this.

Ji Qingyuan tried to persuade his father a couple times but then gave up, so Lin Qianqian was thinking it’d be better to just stay in the dorm. The ghost kept bothering her. She was thinking that since it was a ghost that the people in the dorm had attracted, they should deal with it together.

However, when she saw that everyone else in the dorm was doing well and she was the only one in such a pitiful state, the sight just hurt her more to the point her leg hurt.

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