QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0432

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Chapter 432: Method to Choose a Husband

Song Ming hastily opened his eyes. He felt like his eyes were a little uncomfortable, so he closed them again. When he reopened his eyes, he saw a man whose neck was gushing blood approach him. He screamed and another female ghost flew towards him while reaching for his neck. Song Ming’s eyes rolled back and he almost fainted as he gave a blood-curdling screech. It was hard to imagine that a man was actually able to make such a high-pitched scream.

Although the ghost was choking him, he didn’t feel any pain. There were ghosts all around and many were wrapping their arms around him.

“Aaah, ghosts! There’s ghosts!” As Song Ming screamed, he ran to hide behind Ning Shu but Ning Shu kicked him away.

Su Manyu was in a very good mood and laughed while enjoying the show. When Song Ming heard Su Manyu laughing and saw that even Zhuang Yutong was smiling, he backed away from them. They were laughing, they were demons!

Another ghost lunged towards him. Song Ming half scrambled on the ground as he ran away screaming. “There’s ghosts! Aaah, there’s ghosts!”

The entire campus could hear the sound of his screaming.

“Embarrassing.” Su Manyu’s face was filled with disdain. Her nerves had clearly gotten a lot stronger since now she even had the mood to mock people when they saw ghosts.

Ning Shu also curled her lips in disdain. “Dishonest people like him attract ghosts the most easily.”

“Alright, let’s go back to sleep. This matter is finally done with!” Su Manyu yawned, then hugged Ning Shu’s arm. “I know how to choose my future husband now.”

“How?” asked Ning Shu curiously.

Su Manyu puffed up her chest. “If someone wants to woo me, he has to first wipe some cow’s tears on his eyes so I can see if he’s afraid of ghosts.”

Ning Shu: …

All normal people would probably be scared. Ning Shu looked at her seriously, “You’re destined to be forever alone.”

“If they’re afraid of something like ghosts, what right do they have to be my man?” refuted Su Manyu haughtily.

Ning Shu: …

What logic. What does being your man have to do with being afraid of ghosts?

The next day, Song Ming didn’t come to bother Ning Shu. When he saw them, he’d avoid them like they were demons.

When Su Manyu saw Song Ming, she smiled brightly at him but when Song Ming saw Su Manyu’s smile, he was so frightened that he jumped back. Whenever he saw Su Manyu now, he’d feel that Su Manyu’s face was extremely sinister and that it was like a demon was smiling at him.

Su Manyu smiled even more brightly when she saw Song Ming’s reaction which scared him to the point he started running away.

Now Song Ming was always slightly out of it and muttering that there were ghosts. He’d say that there were ghosts in the bathroom and on certain beds. Even at night, he’d still mumble things like this which annoyed his roommates to no end.

After the cow tears dried, Song Ming didn’t see ghosts anymore, but wherever he went, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that there were ghosts.

He seriously couldn’t take it anymore and transferred away.

When Su Manyu heard that Song Ming left, she exhibited contempt. “He only lasted this long? He didn’t even encounter a malevolent ghost yet. He was probably scaring himself.”

As Ning Shu sipped on soymilk, she asked, “Say, why do you think the ghost was gone for so long? Do you think that she’s already been exorcised by the priest Ji Qingyuan found?”

“Who knows?” Su Manyu shook her head. “This ghost is seriously annoying, and what’s with Ji Qingyuan? Why isn’t he telling us anything? It couldn’t be that the ghost is now bothering Lin Qianqian?”

“It’s best if that’s the case. There’s always someone behind injustice and all debts belong to a debtor. The ghost should’ve gone for Lin Qianqian in the first place,” said Su Manyu with schadenfreude.

#comment: A more realistic standard that we can emulate is a guy that can sing a love song duet with you on a rollercoaster.

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