QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0568

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Chapter 568: Problems with the Primordial Crystal Mine

Below the veil, Shi Huidi seemed to be frowning. “Wei Liangyue, are you actually unaware or just pretending not to know that problems have occurred with the primordial crystal mine Iridescent Sect and Heavenly Law Sect have been collaborating on?”

“What problems?” Ning Shu was sincerely curious. She was a naive young maiden that didn’t step out the doors of the lady’s chambers, so she really hadn’t heard about what happened.

Shi Huidi took in Ning Shu’s expression, then laughed bitterly. “The output of the primordial crystal mines are very low. Iridescent Sect and Heavenly Law Sect suspect each other of secretly taking some of the harvest for themselves, so there’s no way for the collaboration to continue. With what happened with Junior Brother Xie, Iridescent Sect currently can’t take any more hits, so the collaboration must continue. Our Iridescent Sect has great need of cultivation resources.”

Ning Shu’s eyes widened in realization. So basically someone was embezzling. She had a feeling that Heavenly Law Sect was probably the side that was doing this. They were probably doing this to cause trouble for the Iridescent Sect because one of Iridescent Sect’s disciples obtained the celestial residence.

It was very likely that Old Man Wei was the one behind this.

So now the sect leader of Iridescent Sect had personally made a visit to re-negotiate the collaboration and even brought Shi Huidi along. Ning Shu looked towards Shi Huidi. “Your sect leader intends?”

“The collaboration has to continue, and to express both sects’ sincerity, a marriage is the best way.” Shi Huidi’s voice contained unconcealable sorrow.

“Oh…” So they were trying to marry Shi Huidi off to Wei Liangyue again? What a troll of a storyline.

After she went through all that trouble to finally break off the engagement, they were back on the path of getting engaged. Ning Shu could tell that Shi Huidi really didn’t want to get engaged with Wei Liangyue.

“Oh. Forgive my blunt speech, but if you’re not willing, why don’t you just say it?” asked Ning Shu.

Shi Huidi looked towards Ning Shu coldly and replied, “Not everyone has a father like yours that would tolerate your willfulness. I grew up in Iridescent Sect since I was a child. Since I’m not strong enough, my only choice is to listen to the sect’s arrangements to repay the sect.”

“This is the sadness that those who are born women have to deal with. I don’t want to become a tool that others can use as they please.” Sadness filled Shi Huidi’s eyes.

Ning Shu: …

She curled her lips in disdain without saying anything.

“What? You don’t agree with what I said?” asked Shi Huidi sharply when she saw Ning Shu’s disagreement.

Ning Shu shrugged. “Since you don’t want to be controlled by others, why not leave Iridescent Sect?”

“Leave Iridescent Sect? That’s easier said than done. I’ve grown up in Iridescent Sect since I was a child. I owe the sect leader a lot.” Shi Huidi’s voice turned even colder.

Ning Shu said mildly, “If I were you, I’d leave Iridescent Sect. Since you don’t want to be controlled, then you’d definitely have to live through even more suffering. This is the price of leaving home to make one’s way in the world. But you can’t bear to part with Iridescent Sect’s resources and the status that the sect gives you, can you? Since Iridescent Sect has given you so much, of course you have to make sacrifices for the sect. Everything has a price, nothing’s perfect.”

Ning Shu was a little fed up with this. Perhaps in the original storyline, Shi Huidi didn’t love Xie Yu that much either. Back then, when Xie Yu crashed the wedding, Shi Huidi had probably weighed her options before choosing Xie Yu.

In plain terms, Shi Huidi was just someone who liked to make herself suffer and always acted like as if she was going through some enormous suffering that no one else could understand.

“Don’t worry, I won’t get engaged with you,” said Ning Shu mildly as she moved to walk past Shi Huidi.

Shi Huidi stared blankly at Ning Shu’s back for a moment, then she seemed to lose control slightly as she cried, “You don’t understand at all! Your father dotes on you, so you have no idea what my life is like at all!”

Ning Shu left without even bothering to look back.

When Old Man Wei came and asked Ning Shu if she wanted to get engaged with Shi Huidi, Ning Shu rejected the idea firmly. She didn’t want to get engaged with Shi Huidi. If the original host decided something different after he came back, that was his choice.

Ning Shu told Old Man Wei that she wanted to go travel and train.

The moment Old Man Wei heard that, he was gratified and worried at the same time. He didn’t want to let his son go, but it occurred to him that his son would probably stay timid his entire lifetime if he didn’t get to see the world for himself and mature.

Ning Shu had thought about things carefully before deciding on this. Constantly training without taking a step outside wasn’t very effective, so she decided to join team Hunt Xie Yu Down.

In the end, Old Man Wei agreed to let Ning Shu head out to train. Ning Shu asked Old Man Wei, “What are you guys going to do about Iridescent Sect?”

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