QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0499

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Chapter 499: Since You Want To Die, We’ll Grant Your Wish!

The rain stopped, but a gloomy chill fell over the entire palace. The atmosphere was very grave. Huo Qing suddenly started laughing, then he looked towards the ministers and said coldly, “Out with it, what exactly do you want?”

“Your Majesty, these subjects just want Your Majesty to get back on the right path and kill the demon in order to uphold the laws and disciples of the imperial court.” The imperial tutor refused to back off.

Huo Qing laughed coldly. The dark imposing aura around him was shocking. “What if we refuse? As the noble Son of Heaven, if we can’t even protect the woman we love, we’d truly be a useless emperor.”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty is responsible for the lives of all the citizens of Yan. Even if we subjects face death, we still must guide Your Majesty back onto the correct path,” said the imperial censor.

Huo Qing’s expression was very cold. “Since you want to die, we’ll grant your wish!” Huo Qing took a guard’s sword and stabbed it into the imperial censor’s stomach.

Everything happened too quickly. Everyone was too stunned to react. The imperial censor, with his last breath, said, “Your Majesty, please kill the demon. As long as this demon is here, the nation of Yan is in danger.”

Huo Qing was so angry his face was ashen. He had actually ended up allowing this imperial censor to have his name be passed down for all eternity. From now on, everyone would probably remember this official who had accepted death in order to make him turn towards the correct path.

Huo Qing’s hand trembled and there seemed to be a loud droning buzz in his head. His back was covered with cold sweat.

Ning Shu was also alarmed by Huo Qing’s action and hastily said to Qing Zhu, “Hurry and call an imperial physician! We can’t let anything happen to Official Wang.”

Qing Zhu hastily ran off.

Ning Shu hadn’t expected for Huo Qing to actually kill someone. As expected, the little fox truly was his Achilles heel. He’d go crazy the moment someone touched her.

The imperial censor’s mouth was filled with blood, but he continued to persuade Huo Qing until his last breath. “Your Majesty, please, kill the demon! Please, kill the demon.”

Official Wang died before the imperial physician arrived. There was a long trail of bloody water left by his blood. The guards immediately carried the imperial censor off.

Ning Shu looked towards Huo Qing and saw that the little fox who was beside him was covering her mouth in shock. She said coldly to the little fox, “His Majesty had done something so unreasonable because of you. If you truly love His Majesty, you should just commit suicide so that His Majesty wouldn’t be in such a predicament. Because of you, His Majesty has been labeled an incapable monarch.”

Ning Shu was just saying this casually. She was sure that the little fox wouldn’t dare to commit suicide. It was clear from these events that the little fox was inherently a very selfish person.

“Xiao Xiao, shut up!” Huo Qing shielded the little fox. “Jin Ling is the woman we love. No one in this world can hurt her.”

Ning Shu: …

Fine, whatever makes you happy.

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