QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0479

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Chapter 479: A Painful Joy

The little fox was eventually caught by the imperial guards. When she was brought to Huo Qing, her fur was covered with grass and dust. Her tears immediately started falling when she saw Huo Qing. Huo Qing’s heart ached at the sight of this.

He hastily pat away the dirt on the little fox and hugged her. His voice trembled as he said, “You little thing. Did you want to scare us to death?”

The little fox couldn’t struggle free from Huo Qing’s grasp. She was angry, so she refused to answer him. Liar, they’re all liars! She must’ve been stupid to trust an emperor.

There were three palaces, six courtyards, and seventy-two consorts! What did she count as? The little fox’s heart ached.

“Little thing, you’re actually angry with us? After creating a mess, you just ran off. Noble Consort Xuan had a miscarriage because of you,” said Huo Qing helplessly. His brows were tightly furrowed. It was clear that he was vexed about this matter.

He started to regret visiting Noble Consort Xuan that day even more. She had even gotten pregnant, so it felt like he had completely betrayed the little fox.

When the little fox heard that Noble Consort Xuan had a miscarriage, she stiffened. She had a miscarriage? She had just been annoyed with how that pregnant noble consort seemed so happy, but one knock was enough to cause her miscarriage? Wasn’t she a little too weak? The women in the ancient era were always kept inside, which was probably why they were so overly delicate.

This was what the little fox was thinking, but she was still very scared. After all, she had killed a life that hasn’t even been born. She hastily looked towards Huo Qing, hoping that he was just teasing her.

Huo Qing sighed and stroked the little fox as he said, “It’s true. She really has had a miscarriage. Her pregnancy wasn’t stable in the first place, so after you knocked into her, she had a miscarriage. However, her health was weak from the start, so you shouldn’t blame yourself too much.”

The little fox started to cry again. How did things turn out like this? Huo Qing immediately reached out to wipe away her tears and said, “This matter is also our fault. We shouldn’t have slept with her and allowed her to get pregnant. We know that you’re angry, but we’ll take care of this, so don’t worry.”

The little fox believed in him. After all, who was Huo Qing? He was the Son of Heaven, the most powerful person in the world. Meanwhile, Noble Consort Xuan was just a woman.

The little fox felt uneasy because she had done something wrong, so she licked Huo Qing’s finger and looked up at him cutely to curry favor.

“You can’t run around randomly anymore, alright? If you disappear again, we will bind you right to our side so that you can’t even take a step away,” said Huo Qing sternly.

Although Huo Qing’s words were scary, the little fox found these words sweet and licked Huo Qing’s lips.

Huo Qing’s gaze darkened and he stared at the little fox’s tongue for a while before shifting his gaze away. “However, Noble Consort Xuan must be given an explanation about this. The empress and Noble Consort Xuan won’t rest until they get a satisfactory explanation.”

The moment the little fox heard this, her eyes widened. It wasn’t like the empress, that fake woman, was the one that had the miscarriage. Why did she need an explanation? That woman just didn’t like her. They all wanted to kill her!

Humph! They look beautiful on the outside, but they were all poisonous snakes! Huo Qing would be tormented to death by these femme fatals sooner or later! Who asked him to be so lustful, to be such a studhorse, to have so many women in his inner palace!

The little fox nodded repeatedly. But she won’t get angry. When she saw that Huo Qing looked exhausted, her heart softened a little. This man who always protected her also had times when he was this weak. He never guarded against her and would reveal his softest sides to her.

The little fox licked his cheek to console him. Huo Qing doted on her, so she should treat him well too.

“Alright, that’s enough, little thing.” Huo Qing hugged the little fox and stopped her from licking his face. It was really painful for him to endure, but the little fox didn’t seem to notice at all and really seemed to like making these intimate gestures.

It was truly a painful joy.

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