QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0483

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Chapter 483: Looking for a Daoist Priest

Ning Shu kept Huo Chengwang company as he read. She didn’t have him study the classics of Confucianism since he wasn’t one of those pedantic scholars that need to take the imperial exams to gain honor. It would be better for him to read the Art of War and learn how to manage court.

She wanted to find him a teacher, but since Huo Qing was currently very on guard against her and the marshal’s residence, she had no choice but to give up on this idea for now.

Qing Zhu walked in and whispered in Ning Shu’s ear, “Your Imperial Highness, news came from the marshal’s residence. The marshal discovered that someone had put things in the residence that shouldn’t be there. He has already destroyed the things, but he did it secretly so as to avoid alerting the guilty parties. The marshal sent word for you to be careful and not do anything inappropriate in front of His Majesty.”

Ning Shu nodded, then told Huo Chengwang to stop reading and go take a walk with Xiao Qingyan.

Huo Chengwang and Xiao Qingyan shared a dark smile, then left. When Ning Shu saw this, her brows lifted.

“Your Imperial Highness, the marshal said that His Majesty is currently looking for a Daoist priest,” said Qing Zhu. “The marshal suspects that His Majesty is starting to take pills.”

Ning Shu immediately shook her head. Huo Qing was still really young. He had no need for nourishing pills since his body was perfectly rigorous. The reason why emperors in the ancient era were obsessed with eating pills was because they wanted to still be able to visit the consorts when they were old.

As for why he was suddenly looking for a Daoist priest… Ning Shu’s eyes whirled, then it occurred to her. It was because of the little fox.

According to the original storyline, the little fox should’ve already transformed into a human at this point. However, Ning Shu had smashed the tool for the little fox to transform into a human the moment she arrived in this plane.

Since the little fox hadn’t been able to obtain the mermaid pearl, of course she wasn’t able to change into a human. Huo Qing probably couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to get a Daoist to help transform the little fox into a human.

It seemed that the original storyline was still rushing forward. The little fox was definitely going to become a human. If the male and female lead couldn’t ooxx, if there was no bodily communication, how could it be called love?

“Tell Grandfather that there’s no need to worry about the matter with the Daoist,” said Ning Shu mildly. Huo Qing could do whatever he liked.

However, Huo Qing’s act of seeking out a Daoist priest still caused a lot of discussion. A lot of high-ranking ministers stepped forward in court and warned Huo Qing against believing in those methods, but Huo Qing paid no attention to them.

As long as Hu er was able to become a human, he was willing to pay any price. He really wanted to see what Hu er’s human form would be like. She’d definitely be beautiful and lively, completely different from the women of the inner palace. After all, her personality was so cute.

The little fox was completely unaware of what Huo Qing was working so hard to do and continued strolling around the imperial palace every day. Huo Qing didn’t tell her either since he wanted to give her a surprise.

However, lately, the little fox had been feeling really unlucky. She felt like someone was messing with her. When she was walking around one time, a bucket of manure water was dumped onto her. Even the bucket was thrown at her, so she was trapped underneath it. When she finally got it off, there was no one around.

The little fox had felt very wronged and went to find Huo Qing with the smell of the five crops’ reincarnation on her. She was really unhappy, so she jumped straight onto Huo Qing and purposefully rubbed herself against him.

Huo Qing had endured the stench and showed no disgust towards the little fox as he headed to bathe with her.

When the little fox saw Huo Qing like this, her heart filled with sweet happiness. It felt like Huo Qing treated her better than anyone else in the world.

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