QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0524

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Chapter 524: Trading with Passionate Men

Ning Shu pressed on her chest and said, “I really did get injured.”

“Senior Brother Xie’s storage pouch looks nice. Give it to me as a present to play with?” Ning Shu looked towards Xie Yu’s waist at his storage pouch. There were probably countless treasures inside.

Xie Yu was a male lead who encountered treasures everywhere.

Xie Yu pressed a hand on his storage pouch and looked coldly at the shameless and vulgar person in front of him. He had to fight back the urge to just kill this disgusting person.

“Here, have this. They’re very good healing pills.” Shi Huidi tossed a bottle of pills to Ning Shu. “These pills are enough to treat your injuries.”

Ning Shu caught the bottle, then opened it to take a sniff. “It really is good stuff. Thanks, beautiful.”

Shi Huidi’s eyes instantly turned extremely cold. She was angered by Ning Shu’s flirtatious tone and she noticed that this man didn’t seem hurt at all even though their engagement had been broken off. He looked at her as if she was just a stranger.

Shi Huidi did mind the fact that the engagement was broken off. She was a very prideful woman. She did want to break off ties with this man, but she hadn’t wanted it to be in this way.

Now everyone looked at her very strangely and said that she was someone that even a good-for-nothing of a second generation abandoned. Shi Huidi, who had always wanted to be the best, found it hard to endure this humiliation.

“Junior Brother, let’s go. The dungeon’s about to open.” Shi Huidi didn’t want to stay near Wei Liangyue.

Xie Yu replied ‘en,’ then turned and left. However, he glanced back one last time at Ning Shu with stern murderous intent.

“Humph…” Yan Jiao put her hands on her hips and humphed coldly before saying, “Big pervert, I’m not going to let you off!” Then she flicked her long ponytail back and walked off.

The elder turned towards Ning Shu, slightly annoyed. “You sure are good at gathering people’s hatred. Anything can happen in the dungeon, and those disciples of Iridescent Sect look quite strong. You should be careful.”

“En.” As soon as she saw them, she’d jump onto the lightning wind eagle’s back and fly off. She didn’t have the ability to fight head on with the male lead, so there was no way she’d do something that stupid.

“Wei Liangyue, I’ll trade for the pills you’re holding with this spirit weapon.” The chubby Liu Qinyang was practically drooling as he stared at the bottle in Ning Shu’s hand. The other three male disciples were also very eager to trade with Ning Shu. They even seemed prepared to snatch it from her.

The f*ck? It couldn’t be that this pill was some treasure? Ning Shu immediately pulled the bottle closer to her and asked in alarm, “What do you guys want?”

“This is something that the beautiful goddess Shi Huidi gave. Having it with you is like being close to the goddess,” said Liu Qinyang with an infatuated expression.

Ning Shu: F*ck, what passionate men.

Ning Shu suspected that these men wanted to get this pill so that they could jack off to it. Ning Shu shook her head. These thoughts were too dirty.

She said with a smile, “I’m willing to trade, but I’m only going to trade one pill at a time. If I don’t like what you have, I won’t make the exchange.”

“Alright.” Liu Qinyang took out a dagger from his storage pouch and gave it to Ning Shu. “This dagger can cut through iron like it’s clay. It’s very convenient.”

Ning Shu took the dagger and gave Liu Qinyang a smooth round pill.

“Hey, Wei Liangyue, I’ll give you this. Give me a pill too.” A male disciple gave Ning Shu a spirit fruit.

Ning Shu happily accepted it and gave him a pill.

When Shi Huidi saw this, her entire body trembled from anger. This Wei Liangyue was seriously…

When Shi Huidi saw the infatuated expressions on the male disciples that got a pill, she felt disgusted and humiliated by the fact that they were fantasizing about her.

A disciple came over and gave Ning Shu a primordial crystal with a lot of impurities, then asked for a pill. Ning Shu lifted the primordial crystal to the light. “You must be kidding me! You want to trade for one of the goddess’s pills with such a crappy primordial crystal? You must be dreaming!”

“Ning Shu, Ning Shu, this is a primal chaos stone! Hurry and put it away! Hurry and put it away aaaaah~” 2333’s terrifying soundwave appeared in Ning Shu’s head.

Ning Shu’s expression didn’t change at all as she tossed the disciple a pill. With a tone of contempt, she said, “Since you look so pitifully poor, this young master will just take pity on you.”

That disciple took the pill as he inwardly laughed at Ning Shu, thinking that he was such an idiot.

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