QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0529

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Chapter 529: Meanwhile, Ning Shu was…

After Ning Shu jumped into the sea, Xie Yu didn’t immediately leave and waited on the surface.

He waited for a long time, but the person inside the sea never came back up. Xie Yu considered his options, then decided to jump into the sea as well. In the past he had looked down on Wei Liangyue, but Wei Liangyue showed surprising decisiveness in situations like this.

He was tenacious and smart. He’d definitely end up becoming a formidable enemy.

The moment Xie Yu jumped into the sea, he felt chilled to the bone by the cold ocean water. It was like being bathed in ice. Even though he revolved the primordial energy in his body, he couldn’t fend off the cold. Why was this ocean so cold? It felt like it was freezing the primordial energy in his body.

Xie Yu searched the surroundings but found no trace of Wei Liangyue. Xie Yu found it hard to fend off this chill despite his cultivation level, so Wei Liangyue with his low cultivation had probably been frozen to death.

Xie Yu broke through the surface of the water and got back on the phoenix as he examined the surface of the water with furrowed brows. When he didn’t see anyone, he finally left. However, he soon returned again. There was still no trace of Wei Liangyue.

Could it be that he was really dead? He disappeared just like this?

Xie Yu stayed for a little while longer before he left for real.

Meanwhile, the person Xie Yu had been concerned about, Ning Shu, was currently captured by something and couldn’t move at all. The thing wrapped around her felt like kelp, but it also felt like an octopus tentacle.

Ning Shu was trying to cut the thing wrapped around her ankle with a dagger, but when she stabbed it, it felt like she was stabbing iron. The rebound was so strong that Ning Shu’s hand went numb. In addition, the ocean was freezing cold. Ning Shu felt like her body was going to go numb from the cold. If it weren’t for the energy from the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, she would’ve already been frozen to death.

The energy she got from cultivating in the cultivation style of this world couldn’t fend off this cold at all.

Fudge, what exactly was this!? This thing just held onto her without doing anything. It didn’t eat her nor did it seem to be doing anything else. Since the surroundings were pitch black, she also couldn’t see anything.

Frick! If she didn’t get out soon, she’d suffocate! Ning Shu couldn’t be bothered to worry about the thing wrapped around her leg anymore and swam upwards like her life depended on it to get some air.

She had already been below the sea for a very long time.

The moment she broke through the surface, the thing on her leg yanked her down so she had only been able to take one breath. In addition, her internal organs were damaged due to Xie Yu’s attack earlier so this soak in ice-cold water made her feel like she was on the brink of dying.

If she didn’t take medicine, these injuries will seriously kill her.

Xie Yu, once this ma’am gets out, this ma’am will definitely chase you to the ends of the world to kill you so that you can have a taste of what it’s like to flee for your life!

Ning Shu had the lightning wind eagle come out. When the lightning wind eagle discovered that it was actually inside the sea, it was stupefied.

Ning Shu grabbed the lightning wind eagle’s claw and commanded it to get out of the water.

The lightning wind eagle turned out to be so slow in the water that Ning Shu was speechless. How dare it call itself a descendent of the legendary Dapeng? The Dapeng was supposed to be unmatched in the sky and the water, but this lightning wind eagle clearly was nowhere close to that.

The lightning wind eagle flew upwards like its life depended on it, but the kelp kept pulling Ning Shu down. The two opposing forces were about to rip her apart.

My fudge! Life was just this pitiful when you didn’t have any ability.

Suddenly, Ning Shu felt the force on her leg loosen. Without that downwards force dragging them down anymore, the lightning wind eagle instantly broke through the surface of the sea and surged into the sky with the momentum.

Ning Shu felt dizzy from the sight when she glanced down. There was a strong gale in this part of the sky and the wind cut deep gashes on one’s skin.

What bothered Ning Shu the most was the fact that the kelp was still wrapped around her leg. That damned thing had been pulled out of the sea.

“Get down, get down!” commanded Ning Shu. The lightning wind eagle carefully dodged the blades of wind and landed on the shore.

The moment her foot made contact with the ground, she took out a healing pill from her storage pouch. When she saw that the lightning wind eagle had been severely injured by the blades of wind, she hastily stuffed the pill into the lightning wind eagle’s mouth, then fed it some primordial crystals.

For better or for worse, the lightning wind eagle was the only helper she had. It was very important to have a capable helper.

It was fortunate that she had made a contract with a spirit beast before entering the dungeon, otherwise she really would’ve been killed by Xie Yu.

The thing on her leg started pulling her towards the ocean. Ning Shu looked at it and found that it really was just kelp; it even had roots. However, this kelp’s entire body was black and it looked to be tough as steel.

In addition, it seemed to have its own consciousness and was hauling Ning Shu towards the sea with enormous force.

Ning Shu: …

Fudge, was this a kelp spirit!?

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