QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0535

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Chapter 535: Ironback Wolves

Liu Qinyang wanted to escape on Ning Shu’s lightning wind eagle. The other two disciples from Heavenly Law Sect had already been mauled to death by the ironback wolves.

“Junior Brother Wei, let’s leave together. The wolves are about to catch up!” said Liu Qinyang urgently.

The other three disciples surrounded Ning Shu and the lightning wind eagle. Ning Shu’s expression darkened and she demanded coldly, “What’s this? You want to steal this daddy’s lightning wind eagle?”

Liu Qinyang laughed wryly. “Don’t misunderstand, Junior Brother Wei. It’s just that we’ve encountered danger and want to borrow your spirit pet a little. Let’s leave together.”

Liu Qinyang viewed Wei Liangyue as trash that didn’t benefit the sect in the least, so it would be better for them to survive instead. This way, this can count as Wei Liangyue contributing slightly to help the sect.

They were seriously going too far! Ning Shu clenched her fist as she said coldly, “Don’t forget, the lightning wind eagle is this daddy’s pet. This daddy can kill it with a single thought. You want to steal this daddy’s possession? This daddy will destroy you first!”

Liu Qinyang was so angered by Ning Shu’s blunt tone to the point that his face was ashen. A female disciple said, “Wei Liangyue, do you have any sense of loyalty to the sect!? We’re all disciples of Heavenly Law Sect, we’re supposed to help each other. What’s so terrible about letting us borrow your lightning wind eagle?”

Right after this female disciple spoke, there came the snarls of wolves. Right after that, a lot of wolves jumped in their direction and instantly surrounded them.

These ironback wolves’ backs protruded greatly. As they snarled, their saliva dropped onto the ground and corroded the soil, creating a terrible stench.

The ironback wolves slowly approached and tightened the encirclement. The ironback wolves’ eyes were filled with hatred as they looked at the Heavenly Law Sect disciples. The saliva that continuously dripped from their mouths caused such a stench that Ning Shu felt about to suffocate.

The female disciples were pale from fear and one almost stumbled and fell to the ground. The other was about to cry as she shouted towards Ning Shu, “If you lended us the lightning wind eagle, this situation wouldn’t have occured! I don’t want to die!”

Ning Shu rolled her eyes. Setting aside the question whether or not the lightning wind eagle could carry all of them, these disciples didn’t seem to be planning to take her with them. They might even kill her as soon as they had a chance.

So this girl’s righteous attitude was seriously ridiculous. They were clearly just bullying her because she was a weakling.

Wolves tended to hold grudges. These disciples had definitely offended the wolves somehow or had taken something they valued. Otherwise these wolves wouldn’t be so fixed on killing them.

“What did you guys take?” Ning Shu asked Liu Qinyang.

Liu Qinyang said, “It was some type of spirit fruit. We’ve already eaten them.”

“Serves you guys right,” said Ning Shu with a casual shrug.

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