QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0518

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Chapter 518: The Engagement Has Been Broken Off

“A dungeon will open up soon. It’s probably the celestial residence left by cultivators of antiquity. There’s a lot of treasures inside, so every sect will be sending some disciples there. I’ll leave you a spot, so go and try your luck. See if you can bump into a spirit grass or something that will help change your natural aptitude.”

Bump into? Most of the time, those things would only bump into the male lead’s arms. How could they ever possibly bump into a cannon fodder’s arms?

“I’m going alone?” Ning Shu looked towards Old Man Wei with wide eyes, “Old man, go with me.”

“People whose cultivations are too high can’t enter.” Old Man Wei rolled his eyes at her. “Don’t worry, there will be other disciples from Heavenly Law Sect. I’ll tell them to look after you.”

It’d be better to rely on yourself than to rely on others. As soon as they encounter a treasure in the dungeon, those people might even start trying to kill each other to eliminate competition. Cultivation had never cared about the means. Everyone fought to snatch treasures to help themselves. However, Ning Shu was still going to go. With cultivation, you had to keep forging ahead or you’d fall behind. She needed strength to protect her own life and complete the task.

“Dad, this celestial residence doesn’t have an owner?” asked Ning Shu.

“No, all these past years, no one had been able to subdue this celestial residence, so the sects just started using it as a place for disciples to train.” Old Man Wei looked towards Ning Shu. “After you enter, no matter what, surviving is the most important.”

“I know, Dad.” Ning Shu nodded. For some reason, she felt like this celestial residence was probably the male lead’s lucky encounter. The male lead would definitely end up subduing this celestial residence. If she could ruin Xie Yu’s lucky encounter, that would also be pretty good.

Xie Yu had killed the original host’s father and snatched his wife, so Xie Yu was a death enemy of the original host. Although the original host hadn’t mentioned anything about wanting revenge, if she could do something on the original host’s behalf, she’d probably also get more points.

During the following days, Ning Shu persisted in training every day and also started training in the Unsurpassable Martial Arts as well. A dragon-like energy formed in her body and settled in her dantian alongside the primordial energy. Neither of them turned aggressive against each other, so Ning Shu felt like both this energy and primordial energy seemed to have spiritual awarenesses of their own.

Ning Shu prepared a lot for heading into the dungeon. She filled the storage pouch with concealed weapons and poison.

During this period of time, Ning Shu let the lightning wind eagle out whenever she had time and fed it some primordial crystals or some spirit herbs that contained primordial energy. After Ning Shu fed it so much, the lightning wind eagle’s attitude towards her changed a little, but it still showed contempt for her lack of strength.

Strength was very important. The cultivation world followed the unadorned law of the jungle. The strong ruled, strength was the truth.

Even a spirit beast was showing contempt for her. When she got to the dungeon, she had to get something to change her aptitude, otherwise there’d be no way for her to get away from the original storyline.

Although her aptitude was poor, she continued training without rest. At the very least, training resulted in something so it did slowly make her stronger.

A month later, when the dungeon opened, Old Man Wei came to take Ning Shu over. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Your engagement with Shi Huidi has been broken off.”

For a moment Ning Shu was too stunned to react. It had been broken off this easily?

“That fast?” Ning Shu felt an emptiness in her heart. The original host really did like Shi Huidi a lot. His body betrayed his true reaction to this news.

Old Man Wei rolled his eyes at Ning Shu. “Do you know what price your old man has paid for this? Your old man’s going to have to dig in the mine for fifty years.”

Ning Shu: Pffff….

“Dad, you’re an elder. How could they make you work in the mine?” asked Ning Shu with a worried expression.

When Old Man Wei saw that his son was concerned, his tone softened somewhat. “Your old man gave a recently obtained cultivation manual to Iridescent Sect to placate them, and Heavenly Law Sect’s condition was that I guard the primordial crystal mine for fifty years.”

Ning Shu suddenly felt very choked up. Old Man Wei truly loved his son. When his son said he wanted to break off the engagement, Old Man Wei paid the price without hesitation. Although the original host had poor aptitude, the fact that his dad loved him so much was probably the biggest source of warmth in his sad life.

That was why he hadn’t cared about revenge or obtaining Shi Huidi, and only wished that his father would live.

Ning Shu forced back the tears that the body reacted with and said, “Dad, thank you.”

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