QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0519

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Chapter 519: Man Enough

Ning Shu hadn’t expected for Old Man Wei to make this sort of sacrifice. He had even been punished by the sect leader and sent to guard the primordial crystal mine.

Old Man Wei waved. “You think that this old man can’t tell that the people of Iridescent Sect look down on you? They wanted to retract the marriage as well, but they were worried that they wouldn’t get a portion of the primordial crystal mine so they’ve been dragging things out. When I gave them the cultivation manual, they were still dissatisfied so in a fit of anger I said to push forward the marriage and have you two hurry and get married. Then those people immediately shut up.”

The fact that Iridescent Sect pulled out their most talented female disciple for this alliance marriage showed that they cared about this primordial crystal mine a lot. However, they’d still feel heartache giving their most talented female disciple to a useless brat like Wei Liangyue.

So when Old Man Wei brought up having the marriage broken off and gave Iridescent Sect sufficient face to take back the marriage, they clearly got a huge benefit from Old Man Wei. However the way they insisted on acting like the victim was seriously disgusting.

At the very least, she no longer had any relationship with Shi Huidi. Whether Shi Huidi wanted to be together with Xie Yu or not had nothing to do with the original host anymore.

Whenever it occured to Ning Shu that she had almost had to get married to a woman, even though it was a beautiful woman, she still got goosebumps all over.

“Take off your clothes,” said Old Man Wei.

Ning Shu immediately covered her chest. “What do you want?”

Old Man Wei frowned. “What’s with you lately? Why are you acting so much like a woman? Did your brain get damaged from being beaten by Shi Huidi?”

Ning Shu immediately put down her hand and coughed awkwardly. “Why do you want me to take off my clothes?”

Old Man Wei pulled out a very thin armor from his storage pouch and tossed it to Ning Shu. “Put this on. Your senior uncle made this, so it’ll probably protect you from some injuries.”

“Thanks, Dad.” To show that she was bold and man enough, she stripped naked in front of Old Man Wei and put on the armor.

“Let’s go, everyone else is already waiting. When you get to the dungeon, make sure to be careful.” Old Man Wei walked forward and Ning Shu followed him. She asked, “Dad, will it be tiring to guard the mine?”

“It’s still alright. It’s just that there’s quite a lot of trifling matters,” said Old Man Wei offhandedly.

It would definitely take a lot of energy to manage the mine. In that case, Old Man Wei wouldn’t have time to cultivate. “Dad, maybe just talk to the sect leader and ask not to go? It’ll affect your training too much.”

Old Man Wei turned around to look at Ning Shu and lifted his thick eyebrows. “Kid, this is the first time I’ve ever heard you say such heartwarming things. Actually, your dad’s entered a bottleneck in cultivation and no amount of training is having any effect. Since this is the case, it’d be better to just stop training for a while and do something else. Nature will take its course.”

“Really?” Ning Shu didn’t really believe.

“Then you think it’s fake?” Old Man Wei didn’t seem to mind much.

Ning Shu was thinking that if Old Man Wei went to guard the mines, he probably wouldn’t get involved in this upcoming bullshit so it also counted as a good outcome.

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