QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0439

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Chapter 439: Lin Qianqian Flew Off

Lin Qianqian had a sinister expression on her face and when she spoke, it sounded like her throat had been crushed.

Lin Qianqian looked towards Ning Shu coldly. She seemed a little afraid because after taking a step forward, she stopped.

Su Manyu was scared and hid behind Ning Shu. Ning Shu could sense the soul pearl in her hand tremble. It seemed excited about the fact that this spirit was very strong.

Lin Qianqian was very scared of the soul pearl in Ning Shu’s hand. She humphed coldly and a strong cold wind arose. She abruptly lifted her leg and kicked at the street lamp and the cast completely shattered.

“…” That must hurt.

After Lin Qianqian broke the cast, she flew off and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“She flew away? She flew?” Su Manyu’s eyes were wide with astonishment. “Did I see that right? You can actually fly when you’re possessed?”

Su Manyu patted her chest. “But good thing that she left. Hell, that scared me.”

“Zhuang Yutong, I feel like the ghost is pretty scared of you. How come?” asked Su Manyu.

Ning Shu didn’t respond to her and just frowned. Where was the ghost going?

“Do you know where Ji Qingyuan’s house is?” Ning Shu felt that Lin Qianqian had probably gone to find Ji Qingyuan.

Su Manyu nodded. “I know, but what? Where are we going in the middle of the night?”

Ning Shu pulled Su Manyu and started walking. “We’re going to Ji Qingyuan’s house. Lin Qianqian’s gone to look for him.”

“No way I’m going. No way I’m going to watch such a dangerous situation.” Su Manyu resisted but Ning Shu dragged her along.

“The frick? Zhuang Yutong, are you superwoman?”

By the time they got to Ji Qingyuan’s house, the two sides had already started fighting. Fighting with Lin Qianqian was a person wearing Daoist clothes. His hair was combed back in the ancient era style and he was holding a horsetail whisk in the splitting image of a traditional Daoist priest.

Ji Qingyuan was standing with a very cold-looking man. This man looked quite similar to Ji Qingyuan, so he was probably Ji Qingyuan’s dad. He was standing at the entrance of the villa and looking at Lin Qianqian with disgust.

Meanwhile, Ji Qingyuan’s face was filled with worry and despair. His eyes were focused on Lin Qianqian’s leg. The cast had been broken. Her bones were already broken, so with the ghost making things worse like this, Lin Qianqian’s leg was really done for.

“Snobby old man, move aside!” shouted Lin Qianqian. Every time the ghost got stirred up, the black smoke around her got denser. Lin Qianqian looked as if she was enveloped by black smoke, her face was barely even visible.

“You’re an evil creature. This old priest will destroy your soul today!” The old Daoist priest’s expression didn’t change and he calmly pulled out a talisman and pinched it between his fingers. As he chanted a spell, the talisman became embedded with golden light and shot towards Lin Qianqian.

Lin Qianqian dodged the talisman and the dark smoke around her became even thicker. Twisted faces of agonized spirits could faintly be made out in the smoke and they blocked the golden light of the talisman for her. But the spirits that made contact with the golden light instantly vanished.

Ning Shu spotted Zhang Yuyan’s soul trapped in the black smoke but she vanished with an expression of agony, exorcised by the golden light.

These spirits were probably the souls that the ghost had devoured. This ghost was truly ruthless. She didn’t even let Zhang Yuyan off even when Zhang Yuyan died.

Zhuang Yutong counted as lucky since she had been able to escape this fate in the original storyline and was able to request for a counterattack.

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