QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0410

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Chapter 410: She Was Being Controlled!

Ning Shu rushed upstairs with her luggage. When she opened the door, she saw that the two girls were currently in the middle of a vicious cat fight. They were tearing at each other’s hair and scratching whatever their nails could reach. Ning Shu hastily put down her luggage and pulled the two apart.

“What are you guys doing?” Ning Shu looked at both of them. Lin Qianqian still had a bandage wrapped around her head. How had they ended up fighting like this?

Su Manyu fixed her messy hair and glared at Lin Qianqian. Lin Qianqian panted to catch her breath while leaning on her crutches. She looked embarrassed and infuriated.

No one spoke and the atmosphere became very awkward.

Ning Shu noticed that Su Manyu looked very haggard and much skinnier. There were purplish dark circles beneath her eyes and not even makeup could cover up her fatigue.

Meanwhile, Lin Qianqian’s expression was very innocent and indignant.

“What’s going on? What’s with the chalk in front of the dorm?” Ning Shu didn’t see Zhang Yuyan anywhere.

Su Manyu glared at Lin Qianqian, then said, “Zhang Yuyan committed suicide by jumping out of the window.”

As she had expected. She couldn’t help but feel pity, but she reacted with shock. “Why?”

“They say that Zhang Yuyan had committed suicide, but that’s not true. I saw her jump with my own eyes. She was being controlled by something. It was definitely that Ouija spirit from that night.

“I’ll never be able to forget how she turned back to look at me one last time, that sinister smile on her face as she said that none of you will be able to escape. Then she jumped down. That wasn’t suicide.”

Ning Shu inwardly sighed. It definitely wasn’t suicide.

However, Lin Qianqian shouted back at Su Manyu angrily, “It’s not like that at all! Su Manyu, why are you trying to frame me? Are you saying that I’m responsible for her death? The police have already concluded that she committed suicide because she was forced to comply with the unspoken rules.”

>The ‘unspoken rules’ of the entertainment industry was that you had to sleep your way up.<

When Ning Shu heard this, she finally understood what happened. The police had determined Zhang Yuyan’s death to be suicide and the cause to be the fact that Zhang Yuyan had signed a contract with a management company in order to become a celebrity, but that company ended up forcing her to comply with the unspoken rules. In addition, someone actually filmed it, so Zhang Yuyan couldn’t take the shame and commited suicide.

It was during the time that Ning Shu had been with her family.

Su Manyu stuck to her belief that Zhang Yuyan hadn’t committed suicide while Lin Qianqian stuck to her belief that she had. After all, the police had already found the recording of Zhang Yuyan being forced to sleep with a higher up.

Ning Shu looked towards the window. There seemed to be an invisible thing there that was currently staring at them with a malicious smile.

Su Mangyu turned to Ning Shu. “There really is a ghost in this dorm. A lot of strange things have been happening to me lately. Ever since we started playing the Ouija board game, strange things have been happening.”

Su Mangyu’s face was a little pale and she wrapped her sweater more tightly around herself. It was currently the height of summer, but Su Mangyu had double layers on.

Lin Qianqian bit her lips without saying anything and sat down on the bed with a worried expression.

Ning Shu took out the medicine powder the shaman had given her, then made a cup of it for Su Mangyu.

“Have some medicine. This helps prevent colds. It’s so hot, but you’re actually wearing two layers.”

Su Mangyu’s condition was due to the excessive yin energy. Soon, her organs would become corroded by the yin energy and she would die due to internal organ failure.

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