QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0555

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Chapter 555: Making a Deal with the Plane

Ning Shu and Xie Yu were in a deadlock. Every time their fists collided, Ning Shu would feel like her internal organs were jolted out of place by the force.

Meanwhile, Xie Yu also felt that his opponent’s fist was like rock. It felt like his hands were about to break. Xie Yu’s greatest pride was that no other cultivator could compare to him in physical strength since he had trained following an ancient body-strengthening manual. However, someone whose physical strength and constitution were stronger than his had suddenly appeared, and this person was even someone he had thought to be a piece of trash.

Xie Yu was determined to see this battle through to the end and kill Wei Liangyue. Wei Liangyue’s current existence was like a bone stuck in his throat. He wouldn’t be able to rest easy until Wei Liangyue was dealt with.

Ning Shu took a deep breath, then reached into her dantian to pull out all the power she had as she attacked Xie Yu once again. When their fists made contact, Ning Shu could hear the sounds of her bones fracturing. Her body had become extremely strong after the energy from the Unsurpassable Martial Arts strengthened it, but right now her bones were actually breaking!

The two of them were sent flying backwards by the recoil. Ning Shu puked a mouthful of blood, so she hastily took a pill and revolved the dragon energy in her dantian to repair her broken arm.

Although Ning Shu’s arm fractured, Xie Yu’s entire arm was limp, so it was clear that he was injured more severely than Ning Shu. He took a pill, then looked towards Ning Shu coldly. “Wei Liangyue, seems like I’ve underestimated you.”

Ning Shu said arrogantly, “That’s ‘cause you’re blind.”

“Xie Yu, ignore him for now and subdue the celestial residence first,” said Liu Yuanyuan worriedly. He was fighting single-mindedly with Wei Liangyue like they irreconcilable enemies even though there were so many other people around. It’d be bad if someone decided to take advantage of the chaos to snatch the celestial residence first.

Xie Yu replied ‘en,’ then took a few breaths to calm his turbulent primordial energy before inserting his spirit consciousness into the core. He wanted to mark the core with his spirit consciousness so that he’d gain possession of this celestial residence.

Xie Yu had gained a lot of information after devouring that ghost. This celestial residence contained more treasures than he had ever imagined. He must obtain this celestial residence! If he could make this celestial residence evolve and give birth to its own life, he would become the owner of a world!

When Ning Shu saw that Xie Yu was going to try and subdue the celestial residence again, she immediately inserted her own spirit consciousness into the core and sent the news, “I can bring you back to the place where planes are nurtured. Don’t let that man obtain you.”

After a brief moment, Ning Shu sensed a faint elated emotion as if the plane was asking Ning Shu if this was really true.

“I can bring you back to the place where planes are nurtured and allow you to recreate your base laws. However, it’s on the condition that you don’t let the other man obtain you.” Ning Shu knew that her luck couldn’t beat Xie Yu’s and that such a fortunate encounter wouldn’t fall to her, so this was the only method she could use.

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