QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0521

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Chapter 521: All Due to Lack of Strength

“Bro, if you asked my opinion, I would’ve told you to break it off ages ago. After all, Shi Huidi clearly doesn’t like you. However, the fact that you were able to break off the marriage at the very least allowed you to regain some face.” Although Liu Qinyang said this, his tone was filled with schadenfreude. It was clear that he was looking down on Ning Shu.

Ning Shu felt that these people were just envious, so they hated the original host. The original host was useless, but due to his dad’s help he had been able to obtain such a beautiful fiancée that every man could only dream of. Now that she had broken off the marriage, they could mock her as much as they wanted to.

If you had the abilities, get a dad like Old Man Wei too! Reincarnating well was also a sort of skill.

Ning Shu closed her eyes and paid no more attention to these people. Even if Shi Huidi had no interest in Wei Liangyue, did these people seriously think they had a chance? The beauties were always reserved for the male lead.

When Liu Qinyang saw Ning Shu like this, he gave up on talking to her. The man at the side frowned as he asked Liu Qinyang, “What were you talking to him for?”

“Exactly. Once we get to the dungeon, he’s just going to drag us down,” said a female disciple, her tone filled with disdain.

Ning Shu opened her eyes and looked over at that female disciple. “When did I say that I was going with you guys? Can it be that I can’t go alone?”

Ning Shu had no plans to follow these people. Just because they were of the same sect didn’t mean that she could trust them, and they also obviously loathed her.

A trace of contempt flashed across the female disciple’s face. “Heading into the dungeon at your level is just seeking death. Any random irontooth rabbit could mow you over.”

“It’s not like I’m asking for you to save me, what are you jabbering on so much for? Nosy old hag.” Ning Shu hadn’t even done anything to this female disciple, but this disciple was acting like she had already been raped. Exactly how bad was the original host’s reputation?

The truth was that some people in Heavenly Law Sect were extremely envious of the original host. Although Wei Liangyue was a little unrestrained in his sex life, it wasn’t to the extreme point of having no restraint and taking an interest in everything that was female.

The female disciple was so angered by Ning Shu’s words that her face went ashen. “How dare you speak this way to me when you’re just a low-leveled cultivator!?”

“My dad’s Wei Ming. If you can’t accept it, then go find my dad.” Ning Shu was currently a very authentic hedonistic son.

The female disciple was so furious that she had to take deep breaths to stop herself from doing anything rash. In the end, she just glared silently at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu instantly felt a lot more refreshed. She knew that these two girls didn’t like her. If they stayed away, she would just ignore them, but they insisted on trampling on others to show how clean and pure they were. Ning Shu seriously couldn’t take it.

Haaa, it was all due to lack of strength.

“That’s enough. You’re all disciples of Heavenly Law Sect, what need is there to make your relationship so stiff? Wei Liangyue, your strength is poor so you’ll need the help of companions. Stop trying to talk big,” said the elder, clearly trying to warn Ning Shu.

Ning Shu just grinned at him without saying anything.

The other six disciples became even more unfriendly, but Ning Shu didn’t care.

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