QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0551

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Chapter 551: Obediently Sacrifice Your Soul

There were some that still refused to give up and tried to insert their consciousness into the core themselves, but they faced the same tragic end.

Agonized cries that caused involuntary goosebumps reverberated in the room. Wasn’t this thing too sinister?

Ning Shu didn’t see any of the Heavenly Law Sect disciples in the crowd. Could it be that they had all died? If that was the case, Heavenly Law Sect was going to be in for some heartache. Those were the sect’s most outstanding disciples after all.

Hopefully they were fine. After all, Old Man Wei was the elder of Heavenly Law Sect.

She moved towards the little tigress Yan Jiao and asked, “How does it feel to see the man you like flirt with another woman?”

Yan Jiao was given a shock by Ning Shu. When she saw it was Wei Liangyue, that huge pervert, she immediately snapped, “None of your business!”

“Tsk tsk. I really do feel sympathy for you. If I was you, I’d walk up right now and cuff him on both sides of his head before kicking him down below,” said Ning Shu.

Shi Huidi glanced at Ning Shu coldly, then turned away and ignored her.

Yan Jiao said with contempt, “You talk like you’re so great. Didn’t you also trample a lot of women? What right do you have to talk about others? Senior Brother Xie is a really good person. It’s normal that women like him. Senior Brother Xie respect women a lot too. Someone as gentle as him isn’t someone on the same level as a big pervert like you.”

Ning Shu: …

Fine, girls under the effect of the male lead halo always had such weird ways of thinking. As soon as they encountered the male lead, they would be attracted to him. They’d love him passionately without any regrets and would even feel happy to see that there were so many sisters that liked Xie Yu just as much as they did.

Ning Shu shook her head, then gave a soft cough to break the silence in the palace. “Since everyone so far has failed to subdue the celestial residence, this young master will be giving it a try.”

When Xie Yu saw that Ning Shu was actually standing with Yan Jiao and Shi Huidi, his face immediately darkened and he walked over. Liu Yuanyuan followed him.

“Senior Sister, Yan Jiao, it’s great to see that you two are fine!” Xie Yu looked towards them with a concerned expression. Yan Jiao curled her lips with a slightly jealous expression. “You probably haven’t even thought about us. After all, you have such a beautiful lady with you now, so you obviously forgot about Senior Sister and me. You’re a bad person!”

When Xie Yu heard Yan Jiao say this, he knew that this frank junior sister of his wasn’t angry. However, he didn’t know what the cold Shi Huidi was thinking. He glanced over at Ning Shu and Ning Shu immediately said, “What are you looking towards me for? Could it be that you think I have something going on with this little pepper? I have no interest in this female wolf. She’s always chasing after me and trying to bite me.”

“Wei Liangyue, what did you say!? Who’s a female wolf!? I’ll kill you!” shouted Yan Jiao.

Xie Yu wasn’t suspecting that there was something between Wei Liangyue and Yan Jiao. He was suspecting that there was something between Wei Liangyue and Shi Huidi. After all, they had been engaged.

Xie Yu suddenly really wanted to know what exactly Shi Huidi thought about all of this. He felt like he was being completely led around by Shi Huidi’s attitude. She seemed to treat him a little specially, but at the same time, she didn’t seem to treat him specially at all and they were still like ordinary fellow disciples.

Cries of agony continued to ring out in the palace. Although a lot of people had already died, everyone felt that they were special and that the Heavens cared for them, so they continued throwing themselves towards death for the allure of the celestial residence.

Ning Shu stuffed her spirit consciousness into the core and instantly felt a cold energy enter her soul. A strong force tried to pull her soul out of her body and suck it into the core.

“Obediently sacrifice your soul to this god. Your soul is very strong. It’s stronger than any I’ve ever seen.” An aged voice appeared inside Ning Shu’s consciousness. Ning Shu hadn’t pushed her spirit consciousness deep into the core, so at this time, she quickly pulled out. Even though she had reacted so quickly, her soul still pulsed with exhaustion and her back was covered with cold sweat.

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