QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0445

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Chapter 445: A Little Milkbun

2333 was really scared that Ning Shu’s soul would fall apart. Some players that did too many tasks would collapse under the mental strain and just disappear.

So not only did task-takers have to complete their tasks, they also had to continuously regulate their own beliefs. If they couldn’t accept this life, no one could help them.

Some task-takers would become addicted to killing and others would go insane, so in their task worlds, they would cause all sorts of trouble on purpose until the plane collapsed.

Ning Shu felt that she was being unreasonable. She was someone that should’ve already died, so obtaining a chance like this was like a cake falling from heaven. She just had to maintain her original beliefs, then there wouldn’t be anything that she couldn’t overcome.

She sat down on the ground to meditate and absorb the substance in the space. As 2333 had said, in some ways, she had eternal life even though she existed as a soul and would disappear if she failed her task.

However, even if the existence named Ning Shu died now, she felt that she had no regrets.

“Ning Shu, are you alright?” asked 2333.

Ning Shu opened her eyes. When she heard what 2333 said, her heart warmed. “I’m fine. I’m doing well.”

“Phew, that’s good. I thought that I was about to be thrown back to the recycling center. That scared me,” said 2333, relieved. “It’s good that you’re fine.”

Ning Shu: “…”

She closed her eyes and ignored him as she continued absorbing the substance in the space. She wanted to strengthen her soul as much as possible.

After some time passed, she opened her eyes again, feeling very relaxed. “Let’s start the task.”

“Alright!” After 2333 said that, Ning Shu was hit with a bout of dizziness, but it didn’t last long. Her soul was now stronger so she could feel her soul entering the body.

After she adjusted, she heard a child crying next to her. He was wailing, imperial mother, imperial mother! There was someone nearby trying to console the child, but the child was still crying very hard.

Ning Shu forced her heavy eyelids open. When she looked over, she saw a chubby little kid crying by the bed.

“The Empress is awake! Your Highness!” The palace maid immediately called out happily.

“Imperial Mother! Imperial Mother!” The little milkbun grabbed Ning Shu’s hand and looked at her tearfully. That look melted a person’s heart into a puddle.

Ning Shu soothed him. “Imperial Mother is fine, don’t cry.”

She wanted to get up, but the body felt very heavy. It was also difficult to breathe and she felt a faint pain in her chest.

It was probably due to pent-up frustrations. For better or for worse, Ning Shu had studied medicine with the godly doctor for a time. These symptoms, in simple terms, were the result of being too angry for too long.

“Help me- Help this empress up,” said Ning Shu weakly to the palace maid.

“Imperial Mother, this subject son will help you.” The little milkbun was a little boy that seemed only about five. His face was still wet with tears as he grabbed Ning Shu’s arm and heaved up with all his strength, trying so hard that his face turned red.

A soft and warm feeling floated up in Ning Shu’s heart. It was probably this body’s reflexive reaction, but she felt really uncomfortable. How the heck did she end up a kid’s mother?

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