QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0388

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Chapter 388: Spirit, Spirit…

The window was open and the curtain flapped loudly in the wind. Ning Shu noticed that she was holding a pen-like object and her hand was being guided by a force to draw circles. She glanced down and saw that there was a white paper on the table. There were two words on the paper—yes or no—and the pen was drawing a circle on the paper.

Frick! These brats were actually messing with this!?

Ning Shu wanted to pull her hand back, but her hand wouldn’t obey and continued drawing circles, faster and faster. The girl sitting across from Ning Shu exclaimed in a fearful but also excited tone, “The Ouija spirit is here! There really is a spirit!”

Ning Shu: !!?

The window shook due to the strong gust of wind, then Ning Shu sensed a cold aura approach and her hair rose on end. Her breathing started becoming difficult. She felt as if she had been pushed into a body of cold water, that cold and sticky damp feeling was unbearable.

She didn’t even dare to look around in fear of seeing something shocking. She could sense that something had entered the room, but she didn’t know if it was something like an Ouija spirit.

She swallowed hard. It felt like her very blood was freezing in her veins. This was the simple task 2333 had talked about? And he even told her to relax and rest well? The f*ck? How could something this exciting that caused your adrenaline to rush furiously be called a simple task?

Ning Shu sensed that presence stop right next to her and could even feel something dripping onto her. She was so scared that her eyes almost rolled back, but that feeling soon lessened. That thing had probably left her side for the time being.

She really wanted to cry.

The girl sitting opposite Ning Shu began by asking, “Spirit, spirit, please tell me if Qingyuan and I have a future. Will we still be together in the future?”

The pen paused in its circular path for a moment, then slowly moved over to stop on the word yes. A smile immediately appeared on the girl’s face and she blushed happily. Under the hazy candlelight, this scene was exceptionally eerie.

Now that someone had already set an example, the girl on Ning Shu’s left immediately asked, “Spirit, spirit, please tell me, will I become a big star in the future?”

The pen moved, then stopped on yes. Joy immediately appeared on the girl’s face.

After these two girls asked their questions, the chill in the room got heavier. Ning Shu was getting goosebumps, but the other girls showed no reaction. She had probably become more sensitive because her soul had gotten stronger.

But right now, she wished that she didn’t have such sharp senses.

“Spirit, spirit, please tell me, does the person I secretly like also like me?” asked the girl on Ning Shu’s right eagerly.

The pen circled for a moment, then landed on no. The girl became dejected and her eyes filled with hidden envy as she looked towards the girl that had asked the first question.

All three girls had asked their questions, Ning Shu was the only one who hadn’t asked yet, so they all looked towards her. Ning Shu sensed a cold air approach her. Whatever it was, it seemed to be standing right next to her and looking at her, and that dripping wet sensation returned again.

Ning Shu had no idea what to ask. She didn’t know what was going on and hadn’t had a chance to see the storyline yet.

However, she knew that she had to ask something, otherwise this ‘Ouija spirit’ wouldn’t leave. She cleared her throat and said, “Spirit, spirit, please tell me, w-will I strike it rich in the future?”

She just threw out something random.

The pen ended up stopping on yes, but she didn’t feel any joy.

“Spirit, spirit, we’ll stop here today. Goodbye, please take care,” said Ning Shu solemnly.

The pen immediately stopped circling. Ning Shu tried to move the pen away, but it felt completely nailed down.

When the other three saw this, they started panicking. The girl sitting opposite Ning Shu had beads of cold sweat on her forehead as she said hastily, “Spirit, spirit, goodbye, please take care, please take care…”

However, the pen still didn’t move.

The scream of the wind got louder and caused the window to clatter loudly. The candles were extinguished, plunging the room into darkness.

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