QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0398

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Chapter 398: Pushed Down the Stairs

Ning Shu walked with the others from the dorm. Lin Qianqian, who was walking ahead of them, suddenly stumbled as if someone had shoved her and screamed as she fell down the stairs. Her head hit the wall, leaving a spot of blood.

This happened so fast that Ning Shu still hadn’t reacted to it. Su Manyu and Zhang Yuyan had the same expressions of astonishment.

Ji Qingyuan, who had been talking to someone in front of them, immediately ran back and asked Lin Qianqian, “Qianqian, are you alright?”

“My head hurts, my leg hurts too.” Lin Qianqian tried moving her leg and the pain immediately caused her eyes to fill with tears.

“Su Manyu, why did you push me?” Lin Qianqian endured the pain to ask this.

Su Manyu still had an expression of shock, but when she heard this, she replied fiercely, “I didn’t push you! You fell down on your own.”

Ji Qingyuan looked towards Su Manyu sternly. His handsome face was now completely cold. “You pushed Qianqian?”

“I didn’t, I really didn’t!” Su Manyu felt much more wronged when Ji Qingyuan questioned her. “I didn’t push her, why would I? I didn’t do anything at all.”

Ji Qingyuan’s brows furrowed, then he lifted Lin Qianqian. The blood from the wound on her forehead started flowing down her cheeks.

“I clearly felt you push me from behind. You were the one that pushed me.” Lin Qianqian endured the pain to say, “I really did feel someone push me from behind.”

“Manyu, why did you push me?” Lin Qianqian seemed insistent on having things cleared up and couldn’t even be bothered to care about the injury on her forehead.

Su Manyu became irritated. “I said that I didn’t do it, so I didn’t do it! Could it be that I’m someone that doesn’t dare to admit to her own actions? If I really did push you, then let Heavens strike me dead!”

“Did you guys see me push her?” Su Manyu asked Ning Shu and Zhang Yuyan. Zhang Yuyan shook her head. “Things happened too suddenly. I only saw Lin Qianqian fall down.”

Ning Shu also shook her head. She could sense that the spirit was standing right next to them. It might be next to her, Su Manyu, or Zhang Yuyan.

They couldn’t see the spirit but the spirit was probably smiling in vicious delight. Ning Shu believed that Su Manyu hadn’t done it, and she also believed that Lin Qianqian wasn’t lying.

She just hadn’t expected for the first accident to happen to Lin Qianqian.

“Um, let’s go to the hospital first,” interrupted Ning Shu. Ji Qingyuan then left the KTV carrying Lin Qianqian. As he walked away, he glanced towards Su Manyu and said coldly, “I’ll be looking into this matter.”

Su Manyu’s face paled and the rims of her eyes turned red. Then she stomped off angrily. It was clear that she wasn’t heading back to the dorm tonight.

Zhang Yuyan glanced towards Ning Shu, then flipped back her thick, wavy hair and remarked, “Since they’re not going back to the dorm, I won’t be either.”

After saying that, she left.

Ning Shu: Fuck.

After all this effort, she still had to stay in the dorm by herself tonight.

#comment: How do you guys like ghost stories? I love and hate them because once I start, I have to get to a conclusion. It’s exciting, but also gives me nightmares for weeks depending on how freaky it is.

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