QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0389

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Chapter 389: Spirit, Spirit, Please Leave!

The room was silent. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of their breathing. It was as if something had seized their throats because they couldn’t even scream.

Ning Shu’s cold sweat soaked through her clothes and she could sense a chill penetrating her body.

Ning Shu cried, “Spirit, spirit, please leave! Please leave, please leave…”

The girl sitting opposite Ning Shu snapped out of it as well. “Spirit, please leave! We’ll continue tomorrow night, please leave for today.”

Ning Shu had a really bad feeling about this.

After a long while, her hand finally relaxed and released the pen, but her back remained soaked with sweat.

Click. The lights flashed on and Ning Shu hastily covered her eyes. It took a long time to adjust to the intense light, but it was a relieving sight.

The darkness was always inexplicably strange and eerie.

The person who had turned on the lights was the girl that had been sitting opposite Ning Shu. She was very pretty with spirited eyes. Her eyes were still currently filled with alarm, but compared to the other three that were leaning weakly on the table, her state was the best.

For a while, no one spoke. That experience earlier had been too terrifying. The room was so quiet that their rapid heartbeats seemed almost audible.

Everyone just stayed in this silence for a long time until the girl that had turned on the lights said, “We should go shower and sleep.”

So they all went and showered before getting onto their respective beds. Ning Shu lay on the bed and listening to her own rapid heartbeat. Fudge, she nearly had a heart attack!

“Lin Qianqian, don’t close the lights, I’m scared.” The girl who was on the bunk below Ning Shu spoke, her voice still trembling.

“I’m scared too,” said the other girl.

The girl named Lin Qianqian tried to reassure them. “Everything’s okay, the spirit’s gone.”

Ning Shu still felt cold even with the blankets around her. It was as if a chill had seeped into her very bones.

Why court death this way?

It was quite a while before her body finally warmed up a little, then she started receiving the storyline.

The original host’s name was Zhuang Yutong. She was a freshman in college and from the countryside. She had gotten into U of Z through her exceptional grades and obtained a scholarship that covered half of her tuition.

However, Zhuang Yutong’s dormmates had all grown up in the city and their daily discussion consisted of makeup, boys, how much certain brand name clothing costed, how much a limited edition bag costed, and things like that. Zhuang Yutong couldn’t get a single word in, and the other three subconsciously rejected Zhuang Yutong because of her unsophisticated background.

Zhuang Yutong hadn’t made a single friend since coming to U of Z and was very lonely. She really wanted to integrate into this little group, but she didn’t know how to.

The dorm liked exploring strange things, so Lin Qianqian, who had joined the Supernatural Association, suggested playing with an Ouija board one day, and this time, they had Zhuang Yutong join as well.

Zhuang Yutong came from a rural village and had a respectful attitude towards spirits and the like. After all, villagers tended to be superstitious and a lot more strange things occurred in the countryside than in the city, so Zhuang Yutong tried to dissuade the others from playing this because it was easy for things to go out of control.

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