QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0397

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Chapter 397: Little Love Affairs

Since there was a party tonight, Ning Shu dug out some of the original host’s better quality clothing and matched them so that they didn’t look so unfashionable. This was a society that paid its respects to the clothing first before it did to the person.

Ning Shu found the place Zhang Yuyan mentioned. It was a high class KTV place. If it had been the original host, she never would’ve come here since she couldn’t afford the fee.

She was led to the private room by the attendant. The room’s lighting was very dim with a disco ball attached to the ceiling that flashed with colorful lights, causing everyone’s discolored faces looked unnaturally grotesque.

There was no disturbance caused by Ning Shu’s entrance. There were men and women in the room, and there were wine and fruits on the table. Lin Qianqian was currently singing with a man and they gazed into each other’s eyes sweetly.

Ning Shu walked to where the rest of her dormmates were sitting and sat down next to Su Manyu. Su Manyu was currently staring dazedly at Lin Qianqian and Ji Qingyuan who were singing, but most of the time, her gaze was focused on Ji Qingyuan.

When she saw that Ning Shu had sat down next to her, she shifted to the side. It was clear that she didn’t want to sit with Ning Shu.

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. Girl, no need to go that far, alright? It wasn’t like she was a virus.

Zhang Yuyan was sitting on Su Manyu’s left side. Several guys were trying to talk to her with fawning expressions.

However, Zhang Yuyan paid no attention to them and maintained a very aloof expression.

The atmosphere in the room wasn’t that good. Ning Shu carried no sense of presence. If she wasn’t here, they really wouldn’t miss her.

She turned her attention to the fruit on the table and picked one that was still whole to eat. Cut fruits like watermelons and stuff tended to get really dirty, and it was said that they would often be laced with drugs. Hence, Ning Shu just started eating the peanuts and melon seeds.

After Lin Qianqian and Ji Qingyuan finished singing, Su Manyu immediately stood up and asked to sing with Ji Qingyuan.

Lin Qianqian generously allowed it. Ning Shu was now sure that Su Manyu liked Lin Qianqian’s boyfriend, but Lin Qianqian didn’t seem to be aware of it.

Lin Qianqian sat down next to Ning Shu and opened a can of beer to take a sip. Then she noticed Ning Shu and said with a smile, “Zhuang Yutong, you came! Let’s have fun tonight!”

Ning Shu replied ‘en.’

Although Lin Qianqian was talking to her, her gaze was fixed on Ji Qingyuan and Su Manyu. When the two got a little closer, Lin Qianqian’s expression worsened.

Once the two finished singing, Lin Qianqian immediately walked up to wrap her arms around Ji Qingyuan’s arm, then pulled him over to sit down and lifted the beer to his mouth. “Drink some. You sang so much just now.”

Su Manyu clenched the microphone as she stood there watching their intimate interaction.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu just watched from the side. What a nice jealousy drama.

Then she became really worried. There was something unknown in the darkness right now that was trying to kill everyone in the dorm, but these people were still getting so tangled over these little love affairs.

She had no way of dealing with spirits. Perhaps the system marketplace had something that could deal with ghosts, but right now, she still didn’t have the power to open the marketplace.

So in the end, she could only rely on herself.

She also had no interest in this gathering. If it weren’t for the fact that she didn’t want to stay in the dorm and face that Ouija spirit by herself, she never would’ve come here.

As she was thinking about all of this, she suddenly felt a hand touch her thigh. She turned and saw that it was a guy. He was acting completely normal and didn’t even look at her, but he kept rubbing her leg.

So Ning Shu grabbed one of his fingers and jerked it backwards. That man cried out in pain and everyone looked towards him so he laughed awkwardly before shooting Ning Shu a glare.

The party only ended when it was near time for the dorms to close.

#comment: Which is when, I wonder? If my dorms actually had a curfew, I’d be sleeping in the classrooms 50% of the time.

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