QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0400

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Chapter 400: Why Not Try It On?

Ning Shu started practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts in order to calm her fears.

Bang! The window that Ning Shu had closed was blown open by the wind and the light in the dorm was instantly extinguished. There was no a single bit of light in the dorm and the scene outside the window was also dark as ink.

The curtain flapped loudly in the wind until it was practically rolled up by the strong gust.

Ning Shu sat on the bed without moving. She didn’t open her eyes and just silently chanted, this ma’am doesn’t see anything, there’s nothing, not scary at all, not scary~

She could smell a stench of rot and it felt like her entire body had been plunged into icy cold water. Her head was starting to become dizzy, but she gritted her teeth and kept her eyes closed as she revolved her energy to fight off this chill.

“Ssss, sss…” There was a low whispering sound, then the sound of a woman’s sobs that sounded both distant and very close by at the same time. She felt something wet and warm drip onto her. It felt like blood.

However, she kept her eyes closed even when the temperature in the room plunged even more. She felt like she was standing naked outside during a snowstorm. Her entire body started shuddering uncontrollably.

“Why won’t you open your eyes and look at me? Why!? Why…” The voice was filled with cold, bitter resentment.

Ning Shu revolved the energy inside her body and did her best to ignore the spirit.

After a long time, she finally opened her eyes and saw that it was already day. The window was wide open and the curtain swayed slightly in the wind.

It was another beautiful morning. There didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary about the dorm at all. If it weren’t for the numb sensation coming from her entire body, she would’ve thought that everything last night was a hallucination. She had actually meditated for an entire night.

She yawned, feeling exceptionally tired, then got down to open her drawer only to discover that a neatly folded garment was inside her drawer. It was a crimson wool sweater.

Ning Shu’s brows lifted. This didn’t belong to her. The original host didn’t have such pretty clothing. The color of this garment was a beautiful eye-catching red that gave off a cool and elegant feel.

Who left their clothes in her drawer? Her first thought was that it was Zhang Yuyan’s clothes since it suited her style.

She reached out to grab the garment, but the moment her hand made contact with it, she realized that something was off. The garment felt moist and sticky. When she sniffed at her fingers, there was the smell of rot.

She instantly realized that it had been the spirit that had placed this in her drawer. She sensed something cold approach her. As that chill seeped into her skin, a thought suddenly arose.

It’s such a beautiful outfit, why not try it on?

Ning Shu picked up the sweater. The place where the sweater had been now had a small puddle of muddy water. The sweater was also very heavy as if it was soaked with water.

She laughed coldly, then grabbed scissors and started cutting the sweater into pieces.

The temperature in the dorm dropped sharply and a fierce wind blew into the room and swept up the pieces of the garment, causing the room to be filled with the disgusting smell of rot.

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