QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0399

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Chapter 399: Back to the Dorm…

The moment Zhang Yuyan left, the temperature of the surroundings seemed to drop. She could feel an icy sensation on her face that made her suspect that the spirit was touching her or licking her. Since she couldn’t see anything, her imagination was running wild and causing her heart to race with fear.

She hugged her arms and silently chanted the Unsurpassable Martial Arts method in order to revolve her energy and fend off the yin energy in her body. Why was it so cold?

The other three had also made contact with the yin creature, but none of them had exhibited such a huge reaction.

Ning Shu headed quickly to the dorm. She really didn’t want to go back, but since this thing was going to follow them wherever they went anyways, she might as well go back to the dorm.

Tap, tap, tap… Ning Shu heard footsteps come from behind her, so she started walking faster without turning back. However, when she increased her speed, the footsteps behind her sped up as well.

Slap… A hand suddenly landed on Ning Shu’s shoulder. Ning Shu felt her heart convulse from fear, but she reflexively grabbed the hand and executed a shoulder throw. The man who was thrown onto the ground gave a muffled groan, then started shouting in pain.

Ning Shu finally got a clear look at the person. It was the boy from the KTV that had been touching her leg. He sure had guts, to dare to come after her.

The boy got up while supporting his waist with a grimace. Ning Shu saw that the guy had average looks. However, after getting used to seeing so many beautiful men, she couldn’t help but feel that this guy was seriously ugly.

“Why are you treating me this way?” The man asked Ning Shu. Ning Shu said coldly, “You were attacking me from the back, this is legitimate self-defense.”

She didn’t want to talk to this guy so she turned to leave, but that guy jogged to catch up with her. “What I did in the KTV was wrong. I heard that you came from a difficult family background. Why don’t you become my girlfriend? I’ll take care of your living expenses.”

Ning Shu paused to look at the man. The man asked excitedly, “You’re agreeing? My name’s Song Ming. It’s already so late, are you still going back to the dorms?”

“Let’s stay at a hotel,” said Song Ming. He walked over to grab her hand, but Ning Shu took a step back and just looked at him coldly.

This ma’am refused to tumble on the bed even with a male lead, and you think this ma’am would tumble with you? This Song Ming was clearly just trying to trick her into sleeping with him.

She gave a cold laugh, then kicked him right in the crotch. Song Ming immediately crouched over in pain. Ning Shu reached over and grabbed his collar. “If you know what’s good for you, quit bothering. If you approach this ma’am with these intentions again, this ma’am will directly cripple you, bastard!”

Ning Shu released his collar, then turned and left. Song Ming was left to glare at her back while leaning against the wall and covering his painful crotch.

When Ning Shu got back to the dorm, she turned on the lights and prepared to head to the restroom to wash up. However, she recalled what happened during the day and was worried that the facet would run with blood again.

Their dorm’s facet would be the only one that had blood coming out of it. It was completely unscientific.

Fortunately, there was no blood today. Ning Shu washed up, then closed the windows and pulled over the curtains. She left the lights on and got onto her bed to mediate.

She understood that the Ouija spirit would be coming today. These sort of things liked feeding people’s fears until they fell apart.

People have always feared the seemingly strange phenomenons caused by magnetic fields, so humankind’s fear towards ghosts originated from the fact that they were intangible and possessed mysterious abilities.

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