QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0395

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Chapter 395: Every Ghost Story Start With…

A few days passed after the incident in the restroom. Nothing strange happened, as if that incident in the restroom really had just been a hallucination. The people in the dorm all had relieved expressions.

Lin Qianqian was lively as always. She would meet with her boyfriend every day and only return to the room at night. Zhuang Yuyan had a job modeling, so she was always busy with shooting advertisements. Meanwhile, Su Manyu came from a wealthy family so she went shopping whenever she had free time.

Hence, most of the time, Ning Shu was the only one in the room during the entire day. Whenever there was class, Ning Shu would go to class. However, she couldn’t understand the contents at all since she wasn’t the original host. The original host was a very intelligent top student, but she was nowhere close.

So whenever she went to class, she would do her best to lower her presence, fearing that the professor would call on her to answer a question.

Ning Shu felt that there was a need to properly fill in her education. In the past, when she was in the hospital, she didn’t study at all. When her life was threatened all the time by the illness demon to the point that it was a struggle just to survive, living naturally came first and everything else was pushed aside.

Ning Shu discovered that the original host really was very poor. She barely had any money in her meal card and she didn’t have any cash on her either. Ning Shu had no idea how the original host survived.

In her suitcase were things like pickles.

Ning Shu had no intention of laughing at the original host. She understood very well that life was difficult, so everyone had to work hard to keep living. The original host would’ve had a very good future after graduating, a future that was good enough for her parents’ chests to fill with pride, but she ended up losing her life due to something that was meant to be a simple game.

Every ghost story started with someone beautifully deciding to court death.

Ning Shu called for 2333. “System-sama, are there any pills for studying that would allow me to learn high school and college material without struggling this much?”

She was here to complete the task, but if she continued being so lost about everything, someone was bound to notice that something was up.

“There is, but it must be exchanged with points,” replied 2333 cheerfully.


“Alright! 5000 points for a high school one, 10000 points for the college one.” 2333 then asked, “Do you want to exchange for them?”

“Why are they so expensive?” Ning Shu’s heart was dripping blood. “It’s practically robbery!”

“It’d be weird if it wasn’t expensive. Everyone’s earnestly studying hard, but you just need to take two pills. It saves years of effort, but you’re still saying that it’s expensive? Why don’t you just ascend to Heaven?”

Ning Shu gritted her teeth. “Exchange.”

Right after Ning Shu said this, two white medicine pills appeared on her palm. It looked exactly like normal pills. She sniffed it but there was no smell. After a moment of hesitation, she swallowed the pills with water, then smacked her lips. There was no feeling.

There was seriously no feeling at all.

Did she get scammed?

She was still suspecting the pills of being fake when she started getting dizzy to the point that it felt like the world was spinning. Wasn’t the side effects of these pills too strong?

She endured the dizziness and climbed up to her bunk, then collapsed, dead to the world.

#comment: And that’s how Ning Shu dies, trolled by the system. Next story will start with the system as the two-faced MC.

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