QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0393

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Chapter 393: The Beauty Has Already Passed Away (1)

The sky above the mountain was wide and azure blue. By the side of a lake was a tombstone, and the burial mound was already covered with tall wild grass.

A woman dressed in married woman’s garments walked to the tombstone with a man dressed in black who was holding a box of offerings. She placed the box down and took out the food offerings, then started weeding the burial mound while crying, “Miss, this servant’s pitiful miss! You shouldn’t have died this way. This servant always feels that you’re still alive. You shouldn’t have died this way.”

Yue Lan couldn’t believe that a person that vivid had died just from a slight fall. She still remembered the shock on the faces of everyone present, that astonishment. How did someone that seemed like they would cause calamity for a thousand years suddenly die just like that?

It was too unbelievable.

The square-faced hidden guard tried to console Yue Lan. “You shouldn’t cry anymore. If Miss saw you like this, she would be hurt as well.”

Yue Lan wiped at her tears and said indignantly, “What’s wrong with me crying? What’s wrong with me crying for my miss? Could it be that you won’t even allow me to cry for my miss? I know that you were just protecting Miss due to Master’s orders so you don’t really have feelings for Miss, but I grew up with Miss. Could it be that I’m not allowed to cry?”

The big brother hidden guard’s face turned even more square and he silently took a few steps back. After watching Yue Lan bawl for a while, he finally couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Don’t cry anymore, you’re pregnant right now.”

Yue Lan was crying so hard that she was hiccuping. She sniffled, then said towards the tombstone, “Miss, as you hoped, this servant actually ended up with the hidden guard. His face is so square, what if the child ends up being born with a square face too? If it was a boy, it’d be alright, but what is this servant supposed to do if it’s a girl? Miss, this servant’s so pitiful ah.”

The hidden guard: …

“Someone’s coming, so stop crying for now,” said the hidden guard. He then moved in front of Yue Lan and pulled out his sword as he warily watched the person approach.

It turned out to be the little boy, Xu Yu. He was holding offerings as well and behind him was the godly doctor who as dressed in white as usual.

“Big Sister Yue Lan,” called Xu Yu. Yue Lan smiled, “Thank you for remembering Miss’s anniversary.”

“She’s my senior sister, the closest I had to a relative, of course I would remember her.” Xu Yu started setting out the offerings.

Yue Lan glanced towards the godly doctor. His face was cold and indifferent as always and he gave off a cold aura that made it hard for anyone to approach. Yue Lan originally wanted to exchange some simple greetings, but in the end, gave up trying to talk to him.

The godly doctor bent over and inserted a few incense sticks, then narrowed his eyes as he looked at the tombstone.

“Wow, there are people that actually miss this woman?” Gong Wumei was standing on a tree branch and looking down at this scene. He kept his gaze fixed on the godly doctor. “Your disciple was the one that made me like this, so you must cure me.”

“Pei! What did my miss ever do to you? A man like you is saying that my miss did something to you? My miss has a delicate and frail constitution, how could she ever do anything to you? Have you no shame?” Yue Lan spat at Gong Wumei.

Gong Wumei swept his gaze towards Yue Lan and the hidden guard immediately tensed up. He moved over to shield Yue Lan and said to her, “Don’t provoke him. Could it be that you really want to go meet your miss right now?”

Gong Wumei looked towards the godly doctor. “If you don’t cure this poison, I’ll dig up this woman’s tomb and destroy her corpse.”

The godly doctor’s expression exhibited no change, but he nodded. “Then I’ll cure you.” The godly doctor then turned around and left.

Gong Wumei scoffed, then followed him.

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