QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0391

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Chapter 391: Pig Processing Unit

Ning Shu saw that 2333 was making it sound oh so simple as if it really was some super easy task. What exactly was with this crappy system?

Ning Shu said, “I’ll be scared.”

“What are you scared of?” 2333 sounded surprised.

Ning Shu took a deep breath. “This ma’am afraid of ghosts.”

“Why are you afraid of them? They’re just spiritual bodies that just happened to gain some powers. And moreover, aren’t you also a spiritual body?” 2333 sounded unperturbed.

Ning Shu: Frick, she felt completely speechless.

“People can already scare other people to death, and this a ghost ah, my god!” Ning Shu mentally complained, “You don’t understand the feelings of people who are afraid of ghosts.”

2333 was silent for a moment, then it said, “I really don’t understand. Ning Shu, don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

Ning Shu: …

Fudge, this sort of thing might be right next to you but you wouldn’t even be able to see it despite the fact that it could kill you in the next second. Let’s not even mention that feeling.

“System 2333-sama, you’re actually defective goods, aren’t you?” said Ning Shu mildly. “How could something like you become a central processing unit? You must be a pig processing unit.”

“As if! I was personally designed by Administrator-sama, how could I be defective goods? I’m the most advanced! Wait, what did I just say?” 2333 immediately stopped talking.

However, Ning Shu had already caught the word administrator. What administrator? Ning Shu asked, “What do you mean by administrator?”

“You misheard, I didn’t say anything,” 2333 hastily replied.

Ning Shu immediately shot back, “I clearly heard it. You said that you were designed by the administrator.”

2333: “I didn’t.”

Ning Shu: “You did.”

Ning Shu argued with 2333 but 2333 refused to tell her, so she finally let it go.

However, after a while, she ended up forgetting what she had been discussing with 2333. She had no impression of it left at all except that she had been discussing something with 2333.

Who erased her memory? This…

Ning Shu hastily called out 2333. “What were we discussing earlier? Did you erase my memories?”

2333 immediately said, “You’ve overestimating me too much. Deleting specific memories like this is something too high-leveled for me to do. Since you don’t remember it, don’t worry about it. There are some things that you’re not supposed to know, so it’s good that you’ve forgotten it.”

Ning Shu: Fudge!

This kind of feeling was scary, alright? She hadn’t even been able to sense anything as her memory got erased.

Ning Shu felt that her greatest misfortune was encountering a system like 2333. It was seriously an unbearable pain.

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