QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0394

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Chapter 394: The Beauty Has Already Passed Away (2)

Xu Yu handed Yue Lan a bottle of pills and said, “Big Sister Yue Lan, these pills help protect pregnancy and nurtures the body. Taking a pill a day will be good for your health.”

“Thanks.” Yue Lan accepted the bottle, then turned to look dazedly at the tombstone with Mu Yanmeng’s name on it.

“Let’s go,” said Yue Lan mildly after a moment. She then turned and left with the hidden guard. The slight breeze carried their voices across the distance.

“I won’t try to get revenge for Miss anymore. I want to just do as Miss wished, live a simple and stable life.”

“Yue Lan, don’t worry, I’ll protect you and the child.”

“Why is your face so square?”

“Was born with it.”

“Miss said that your face was very unique.”

The world seemed to instantly fall into chaos. Gong Wumei and Yan Nanzhu started a war. Gong Wumei reestablished his demonic cult and Yan Nanzhu took destroying the demonic cult to be his life’s purpose, so an intense battle between the orthodox and unorthodox sects raged on the Jianghu.

Wen Ruhua’s group expanded and became increasingly strong, causing rains of blood wherever they went. They killed a lot of, as Wen Ruhua called it, ‘corrupt officials and greedy merchants’ as time passed.

It caused a severe disturbance that affected the stability of the country, so the imperial court sent Situ Qingyu to suppress the bandits. Then, Situ Qingyu and Wen Ruhua started fighting.

The chaos of war spread everywhere.In some places, people took advantage of this time to revolt. Mobs of people attacked the governmental offices and raided the homes of the wealthy.

Qi Sheng had died in the hands of revolting citizens. He was the only one out of the male leads that didn’t have combat power, so he was the first to die. When he died, the world seemed to turn dim for a moment.

The prince regent, Luo Junyan, had decided to take advantage of the chaos to revolt as well, but his uprising failed and the emperor had him ‘kacha’-ed. The emperor had been wary of this regent prince for a long time, so it had been perfect timing when the prince threw himself into the trap.

When Situ Qingyu, who was still on the battlefield, got this news, he coughed blood and was killed by Wen Ruhua in a moment of distraction. Wen Ruhua’s group then grew even larger and fearless, to the point that they almost rivaled the imperial court’s army.

However, Wen Ruhua ended up being killed by one of his subordinates. Just like the way he had killed the bandit leader back then, an ambitious subordinate killed him as well.

The world seemed to be shuffling its cards and it wiped off all the previous people that had extremely good luck.

So the entire world fell into chaos, into a state where everyone was rioting restlessly.

The godly doctor was standing in front of the bamboo house. Xu Yu said, “Master, I want to travel and practice medicine.”

“Go,” said the godly doctor mildly. He looked up towards the dusky sky and said mildly, “Be careful, the men of today are sadly degenerated. You’re a child, so you must be careful and look after yourself well.”

“Master, are you really going to let me go alone? I’m still a child. I wanted you to come with me. That way, I can keep looking after you too,” said Xu Yu.

The godly doctor said indifferently, “There’s no need. Your master can’t travel at this time. A doctor cannot treat himself… My body won’t be able to hold up much longer.”

“Master.” Xu Yu looked towards the godly doctor worriedly. “I won’t head out anymore. I’ll stay here to look after you.”

The godly doctor glanced at Xu Yu. The godly doctor’s face was deathly pale without a trace of a flush. His skin seemed almost translucent and the blood slowly moving through the veins near his temples were almost visible.

“Master,” cried Xu Yu. “Master, you’ll be fine!”

“Life and death is fate. The changes of the world cannot be predicted,” said the godly doctor mildly. He turned to head back into the house, but out of the corner of his eye, he could see a woman watering the plants while calling out, “Master!”

#comment: TT_TT He likes Ning Shu!!!! Or maybe just the main lead body…. But awwww, why’d the world get rid of the godly doctor too?!!! If Ning Shu wasn’t the MC, it’d be such a touching end. Haha, but at least we can YY (fantasize)…. Still sad / ( ´•̥ו̥` )\

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