QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0206

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Chapter 206: If Only I Could Dissect Some Ability Users

Phoenix’s hands were covered with a layer of frost as she watched the school doctor uncle leave with Ning Shu. What was so good about the figureless and useless Daisy?

Ning Shu followed the uncle to the entrance of the base and saw that tons of zombies were swarming towards the base doors. The smell of rot was so strong that it caused people to feel faint.

The walls of the base were filled with cannons, bombs, and all sorts of new weapons. The people handling them shot at the zombies like crazy, but although they did a lot of damage, it wasn’t enough to handle this huge amount of zombies.

Even the people without abilities were using wooden stools and hoes to fight the zombies, but the result was very tragic. Most of those ordinary people ended up being torn apart.

These zombies didn’t seem to care about eating at this point and would tear apart the corpses instantly. The scene was extremely bloody.

The senior commander was currently directing the troops to kill zombies. When he turned around and saw Ning Shu, he shouted with a frown, “What are you doing here?”

The sounds of the cannons were very loud so Ning Shu had to strain her ears to hear what the senior commander was saying. Then she shouted back, “I’m here to fight the zombies!”

The senior commander saw that the school doctor uncle was next to her so he didn’t say anything more and turned back to command the troops.

The more dazzling part of this scene was the ability users. As they utilized their various abilities, they made a beautiful scene while killing the zombies with ease. Wolf’s lightning ability was especially flashy and powerful. All the zombies immediately died from attacks to the head.

Countless people watched Wolf with amazement and worship in their eyes.

Wolf sensed their gazes and started attacking even faster with larger attacks. It felt like he was purposefully trying to show off.

Ning Shu retrieved her gaze and started firing at zombie heads. The school doctor uncle stood next to Ning Shu but didn’t attack. He said to Ning Shu, “This attack is very organized and on a huge scale, so the zombie behind this definitely isn’t weak.”

“If that type of zombie comes, run. You won’t be able to handle it,” said the school doctor uncle mildly. He didn’t seem to feel like fleeing from danger was anything to be ashamed of.

Ning Shu knitted her brows as she asked, “Is it a variant zombie?”

The school doctor uncle nodded. “It’s a variant zombie, but it’s stronger than all the ones we’ve encountered so far. Zombies evolve much faster than humans.”

The school doctor uncle shifted his gaze to the crowd of ability users and muttered, “If only I can dissect a few ability users to study their genes. The gene essence shouldn’t be a half-finished product, it should be able to completely awaken a person’s special ability…”

As Ning Shu fired, she heard the school doctor uncle muttering to himself about something, so she shifted closer to the uncle and asked, “Uncle, what did you say?”

“Zombies are coming,” said the school doctor uncle mildly.

Ning Shu replied ‘oh,’ then continued shooting at the zombies. When the zombies eventually got closer, she picked up a rod from the ground and used it to hit the zombies’ heads. The zombies’ heads would immediately explode from her strikes.

Ning Shu had gotten smarter now and would immediately dodge after the strikes to avoid getting splattered by brains.

The school doctor uncle retreated very far back to watch Ning Shu kill the zombies. When some zombies got too close to him, he would casually shoot them.

On the chaotic battlefield, everyone was trying their best to kill the zombies and stay alive.

Grr grrr…”

An extremely powerful roar arose. Upon hearing this sound, the zombies became even more violent and rushed towards the city entrance with all their strength.

Human casualties were gradually increasing as well. The air become more and more dirty with the stink of blood, rot, and dust…

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