QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0247

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Chapter 247: Situ Qingyu

Once all the other soldiers left, Situ Qingyu walked towards Ning Shu, then threw his sword on the table. The little maid, Yue Lan, was so scared that her knees went weak and she collapsed on the ground as she stared wide-eyed at the demon-like Situ Qingyu.

Ning Shu’s eyelids jumped, but she kept her expression unperturbed. Fudge, if only she could practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. She’d definitely whip him straight to death.

Situ Qingyu looked at Ning Shu, then gave a low chuckle. “I must admit that I hadn’t expected for Lady Mu to be so brave. Were you waiting here for this general?”

Although Situ Qingyu was a general, his looks were extremely good and he gave off a very valiant air. His eyes were filled with scorching desire as he looked at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu coughed and did her best to make her voice sound a little gruffer. “Is General about to kill this woman?”

“Kill you? How could this general bear to kill you?” Although he said this, he abruptly drew another sword and the white light refracting off the blade shone on Ning Shu’s face.

Situ Qingyu thrusted the blade towards Ning Shu’s forehead, but Ning Shu didn’t try to dodge and just stared blankly at Situ Qingyu.

“Miss!” shouted Yue Lan, her face pale.

When Situ Qingyu saw that Ning Shu’s expression didn’t change at all, he lowered the blade and reached out with his other hand to nimbly pull out the hairpin inserted into her hair. He then lifted it to his nose and inhaled, before murmuring in a deep voice, “How fragrant.”

Ning Shu’s lips twitched but she didn’t speak. She had to maintain a cold and aloof appearance in order to diminish her body’s charm. Mu Yanmeng’s body seriously emitted pheromones that said ‘hurry and take me, take me!’ 24/7.

However, there was probably no man that liked a woman who always had a cold expression, right?

Situ Qingyu reinserted the hairpin into Ning Shu’s hair. “En, this hairpin suits you perfectly.”

Aiyah, and he was even an expert flirt.

In the original storyline, this Situ Qingyu had straightforwardly forced himself on Mu Yanmeng, then became enchanted with Mu Yanmeng’s body. Thus, the entire Prime Minister Residence became a stage for them to enjoy themselves.

A woman couldn’t help but have a bit of special feelings towards her first man. In addition, familiarity breeds fondness, so Mu Yanmeng soon gave her heart to Situ Qingyu.

Originally, Mu Yanmeng thought that Situ Qingyu loved her too. After all, if he didn’t love her, why would he sleep with her every day, and do it so passionately as well? In the end though, he had treated her like a prostitute and gifted her to another person without hesitation.

It wrecked Mu Yanmeng’s heart.

When Situ Qingyu saw that this beauty wasn’t paying any attention to him, an unreadable smile appeared on his lips and he remarked mildly, “Interesting, how very interesting.”

Ning Shu: Lord, this was the most classic line for picking up girls. The next line should be, woman, you’ve successfully attracted my attention.

“Very nice, you’ve attracted my attention.” Situ Qingyu leaned over slightly and moved his face closer to Ning Shu’s. This movement was very suggestive as it seemed like he was about to kiss her. At the same time, he gave off a very strong oppressive aura that would’ve caused any woman’s heart to start racing wildly.

However, it was Ning Shu that was facing Situ Qingyu’s flirting skills. She simply glanced up at him expressionlessly.

Situ Qingyu lifted Ning Shu’s chin as he moved even closer. It really looked as if he was about to kiss her.

Tsk tsk, his entire body reeked of blood ah. This guy smelled as if he had just come back from butchering a pig, yet he was still not showering?

Ning Shu clenched her fist and swung it straight towards Situ Qingyu’s eye, but he ended up catching her hand. He looked at her with that unreadable smile as he closed his broad hand around her fist.

“This general likes your icy manner, but the fiery passion you’ll exhibit after that frost-like shell collapses from pleasure will be even more enchanting.” Situ Qingyu was saying quite low-class words, but when they were paired with his handsome face, those words just sounded extremely seductive.

Ning Shu: Pfff

Fuck, the plan to act cold and aloof actually failed.

#comment: “Still not showering?” Haha, the school doctor uncle has successfully brainwashed Ning Shu!

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