QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0261

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Chapter 261: There’s an Idiot Over There

Situ Qingyu gave off a very strong, oppressive aura. After trapping her against the wall in this fashion, he leaned over her until he was practically hugging her. The way he looked down at her from above would make any girl’s heart start pounding in anticipation.

Ning Shu: (⊙o⊙)

This position!? She never expected to become a female lead and experience the flirting life of the main characters. It was just, could they swap this guy out? It was only depressing to have a psychopath flirting with you.

Situ Qingyu really was an expert at manipulating feelings. He had been so cruel just a moment earlier in tying her up and forcing her to walk behind him, yet now he had effortlessly transitioned to such a suggestive pose.

The way he flared hot and cold really made people’s hearts pound ah. But Ning Shu only wanted a gun so that she could shoot this guy already.

Situ Qingyu sounded slightly at a loss as he asked, “Were you telling the truth earlier? You think of yourself as belonging to this general? Both in life and in death?”

“No, it was a lie,” replied Ning Shu without thinking. Situ Qingyu’s expression immediately turned unsightly.

“Ding, trauma points +10. Current number of trauma points is 30,” reported 2333.

Ning Shu was stunned for a moment when she saw that Situ Qingyu seemed hurt. If it was the female lead, she probably would have felt bad by now. After all, the female lead was that stupidly kind-hearted.

Ning Shu said, “How could this miss ever take a liking to a black-hearted person like you who can kill without a thought? This miss would sooner take a fancy to a dog than to you.”

Situ Qingyu glared at her. “You’re setting a fire.”

Was the next line, ‘since it’s the fire you lit, you’re responsible for putting it out?’

“Look, there’s an idiot over there.” Ning Shu pointed behind Situ Qingyu, but he just frowned as he looked at her.

“There really is an igit, look.” Ning Shu reaffirmed.

Situ Qingyu turned around and Ning Shu immediately slipped under his arm, grabbed Yue Lan, and ran.

Situ Qingyu: …

Ning Shu and Yue Lan ran back to their room. As Yue Lan gasped for breath, she placed the buns she was holding on the table and asked Ning Shu, “Miss, why didn’t you leave with that prince? Why did you choose to come back to this wolf’s lair? Miss, this servant seriously can’t understand you.”

What difference was there? One was a wolf’s lair, the other was a tiger’s den.

Ning Shu downed a big cup of water, then picked up another bun and started eating. She said, “Your miss naturally has her own reasons for doing this.”


A black figure jumped in through the window and rolled on the ground all the way to Ning Shu’s feet, so Ning Shu kicked him away.

The hidden guard hastily got up from the ground and started stuffing the buns on the table into his mouth. He was wearing black in the middle of broad daylight and his mask was still hanging around his neck. He really had brain issues.

“Where were you when I blew the whistle earlier? Didn’t you hear me?” asked Ning Shu, annoyed. However, she couldn’t deny that she felt a little safer when she saw that he was still around.

She never knew how powerless it felt to be a female lead.

As the hidden guard stuffed buns into his mouth, he said, “I heard you. I was treating my injuries. Since you seemed fine, I didn’t show up.”

What kind of hidden guard was this? Not only were his looks nothing special, he was even so willful. Not to mention, he fled faster than anyone else during a fight, but immediately appeared for food.

What was the use of raising this kind of hidden guard?

“Stop eating, if you eat all of it, what are we to eat? Yue Lan, put away the food,” said Ning Shu.

“You’re a hidden guard, shouldn’t you be able to get food for yourself? Don’t you feel ashamed to be stealing food that we, two fragile ladies, had worked hard to get?” Ning Shu was very speechless about this unreliable hidden guard of hers.

The hidden guard swallowed the bun, then pulled the black cloth mask back over his face to conceal his nose and mouth, leaving only his rectangular forehead and eyes exposed.

When Ning Shu saw this, she felt depressed. It felt like the looks of these unimportant cannon fodders were seriously decided casually.

“Miss, if you need me, just blow the whistle and I’ll immediately appear,” said the hidden guard. Every breath carried the smell of Chinese chives.

Ning Shu was speechless. She had blown. Last time, she had wanted the hidden guard to get food for them and blew until she was out of breath, yet this guy hadn’t even shown his face. It was clear that this hidden guard wasn’t reliable at all.

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