QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0244

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Chapter 244: Apocalypse After Story (2)

Phoenix’s face flushed with anger when Daisy ran off yet again. She sent ice hurling towards all the zombies below to vent her anger.

“Daisy, I swear I will kill you!”

Phoenix was seriously about to be angered to death by Daisy. Daisy would come from time to time with a huge wave of zombies to bother the base, but as soon as the situation started getting bad, she would turn tail and run.

Wolf furrowed his brows and said to Phoenix, “That zombie and Daisy have even established zombie base. The zombie from earlier is probably the zombie king.”

Phoenix became even more angry. “It’s seriously exasperating!”

In addition, Daisy and that zombie king had established their base not far away from theirs. Phoenix felt that Daisy was doing it on purpose, but no matter what, humans couldn’t win against countless inexhaustible zombies. If they could, Phoenix would’ve already gone to raid their base.

After running for a while, Xiao Ming and Daisy stopped and started walking leisurely through the air to head to their base.

Daisy saw that a car had stopped not far in front of them. There was a person leaning against the car door and looking up at them.

His expression was very cold and indifferent and he had gold-rimmed glasses on his nose. He was very tall and slender, and he wore a black windbreaker that was moving slightly in the wind.

Daisy sensed his sharp gaze sweep over her face. She felt like every inch of her was being analyzed.

She could sense that this man wasn’t an ability user, but he still possessed a deep and unreadable aura.

Grrr…” Xiao Ming growled towards the school doctor uncle in alarm. After hesitating for a moment, he prepared to attack the school doctor uncle and dig out his heart.

Daisy hastily pulled Xiao Ming back. Xiao Ming looked at her in confusion, so she said, “He didn’t attack us, so let’s just let him off.”

Xiao Ming knitted his brows but didn’t try to attack again. However, he kept his eyes on the person leaning against the car. All the muscles in his body were trembling in tension. He was ready to attack on the slightest pretext.

“Let’s go.” Daisy pulled Xiao Ming and left. As she walked away, she turned back to glance at that man. He was adjusting his glasses, causing them to glint with eerie white light.

The school doctor uncle lifted his brows, and after a moment, sneered. He then opened the door, started the car, and drove off. The car soon disappeared into the clouds of dust.

Daisy only loosened a breath in relief after getting far away from that strange man. For some reason, the sight of that man made her feel uneasy from head to toe.

Xiao Ming and Daisy walked into the base. Xiao Ming was the one that had established this base and it was filled with variant zombies.

When the variant zombies saw Xiao Ming and Daisy, they knelt down to show their respect. The law of the jungle was displayed even more vividly among the zombies.

“Day, that person seems to know you?” After thinking about it, Xiao Ming felt that the man from earlier probably knew Day.

Daisy shook her head. “I don’t know him.”

Humans and zombies were fighting tooth and claw solely for the sake of survival. Even Daisy’s war with Wolf and Phoenix fell into this category.

Wolf, who had also been angered by all these attacks, organized his own army to counterattack. In any case, it was a continuous back and forth battle. Xiao Ming was getting even stronger and no longer seemed to enjoy eating hearts as much. Now, he would always leave the ability users’ corpses for the zombies below.

Xiao Ming was becoming more and more like a normal person. If a person was just looking at him, they wouldn’t take him to be a zombie. Perhaps he was already a human – an advanced human.

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