QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0250

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Chapter 250: First Kill, Then Rape?

Once Yue Lan left, Situ Qingyu lowered his head to look at Ning Shu again. Ning Shu met his gaze calmly as she tightened her grasp around the scissors concealed within her long sleeves. She had secretly taken these scissors after Yue Lan finished cutting those strips of cloth.

If Situ Qingyu actually dared to try and do something to her, she would stab this towards his heart without hesitation. So what if he was handsome? No matter how handsome he was, he was still a rapist.

“This general hates girls from wealthy families like you the most. In front of other people, people like you would always act innocent and virtuous, but behind closed doors, you would abuse others without restraint.” Situ Qingyu pinched Ning Shu’s chin and said darkly, “That’s why, whenever this general encounters girls like you, this general would first rape, then kill.”

Fuck! This was actually a mentally twisted guy. She observed a moment of silence for Mu Yanmeng since although she had been raped, she didn’t get to be killed.

When Ning Shu’s expression didn’t change, Situ Qingyu asked, “Say, what should this general do to you?”

“Kill first, then rape?” In the past it was always first rape, then kill. She was currently, for better or for worse, the female lead, so of course her circumstances should be a little more special.

“Then guess what happened to the young miss that had once made this general kneel down and lick her shoe?” Situ Qingyu seemed to want to chat with Ning Shu. It was just that the topic wasn’t very pleasant.

“Guess what this general did to her?” Situ Qingyu sat down and looked towards Ning Shu with a slight smile. However, his eyes were filled with deep disgust.

Ning Shu blinked and said, “You definitely tortured her in some inhumane way.”

“This general threw her into a pack of wolves. These wolves had been drugged beforehand, so they tore off pieces of her flesh as they fucked her. However, this general didn’t want her to die so quickly, so her life was extended for half a month and she spent that entire time beneath the wolves. In the end, she died from losing too much blood. By the time she was dead, this general couldn’t even recognize her once arrogant face.” Situ Qingyu looked at Ning Shu. “What do you think about this method of torture?”

Ning Shu: …

She was very disgusted.

Following that, Situ Qingyu continued chattering on his own. In short, the story was that Situ Qingyu, who was once a poor youngster, had suffered humilation at the hands of girls from wealthy families. Since Situ Qingyu was very tall and handsome, he triggered the wealthy ladies’ desires to subdue him, so they would make him kneel on the ground and bark like a dog, and even lick their shoes.

It cast a deep shadow in Situ Qingyu’s heart and caused his mentality to become twisted. When he won success and recognition, he immediately got revenge on these people one by one and tortured them with the cruelest and most malicious methods.

Ning Shu finally understood why Situ Qingyu had raped Mu Yanmeng without a word as soon as he caught her. So this was the backstory. It was also no wonder that he had gifted Mu Yanmeng away without hesitation when the prince asked for her.

Situ Qingyu hated girls from wealthy families, and Mu Yanmeng was the daughter of the prime minister of Donghua. She was not only a wealthy daughter in name, but in reality as well.

Thus, when Situ Qingyu saw Mu Yanmeng, he immediately vented all of his hatred on her body. However, the female lead’s body was too captivating, so Situ Qingyu claimed Mu Yanmeng as his exclusive property and imprisoned her in this building. There were twenty-four hours in a day, but he had spent pretty much all of that time sleeping with her.

Ning Shu was speechless. Mu Yanmeng had completely been implicated just for being there. Tsk tsk, he turned out to be a crappy jerk that was taking revenge on all of society and all women just because he felt like he had suffered some enormous grievance.

When Situ Qingyu saw contempt appear on Ning Shu’s face, his expression darkened. “What kind of expression is that? Are you looking down on me? Do you really think you’re still that aloof and influential miss that you used to be?”

Tsk tsk, I haven’t said anything. You were the one rambling on your own. What are you trying to say?” Ning Shu shook her head as she said, “Are you trying to get back your lost pride from abusing the bodies of women?”

“Ha, get back pride? You view yourself too highly. I heard that you’re the most beautiful woman in the state of Donghua. Let this general think, what would it be like to have you scream in pleasure under this general’s body, then become a military prostitute for everyone to use?” Situ Qingyu’s voice lifted lightly in question as he looked at Ning Shu with a malicious expression in his eyes.

Fucking perverted psychopath.

Ning Shu said expressionlessly, “How would I know?”

“Won’t you know once you try?” Situ Qingyu’s voice was very sexy despite the fact that his eyes were filled with naked lust and hatred.

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