QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0243

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Chapter 243: Apocalypse After Story (1)

The sky of the apocalypse world was very dusky; the entire world looked as if it was enveloped by sand and dust. Due to the threat of the virus and the constant growling of zombies, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of despair and yearning. Human had returned to their animalistic natures and lived by the law of the jungle, respecting only the strong.

In this struggle for survival, the strong became even stronger as the weak were rooted out.

This base was currently surrounded by roaring zombies that were rushing madly towards the base.

Above the base were humans and human-like zombies.

Phoenix shouted at Daisy, “Daisy, don’t you have any sense of shame? How could you attack our base every single day!? What exactly do you want!?”

Next to Daisy was Xiao Ming, who was now dressed in a suit. Xiao Ming paid no attention to Phoenix and turned around to say to Daisy, “Day, head to the side. I’ll deal with this woman.”

Daisy shook her head and said while looking at Phoenix, “I’ll handle this myself.”

Phoenix had pushed her into a crowd of zombies to kill her, she had to settle this score.

What Daisy remembered was that after their group had found the gene essence, Phoenix had immediately pushed her towards a crowd of zombies. She didn’t know what happened after that, but for some reason, she became a zombie and there was even a zombie called Xiao Ming with her.

She didn’t know who it was that came up with such a careless name, but Xiao Ming actually said that she was the one that came up with it. Daisy expressed that there was no way she’d come up with this kind of name. If she had considered a name like Xiao Ming, she would’ve chosen something like Xiao Dong instead.

Xiao Ming nodded, then said, “If you can’t beat her, run. Don’t insist on fighting with this woman, she’s a lot stronger compared to before.”

“I will.” Daisy nodded. Although Xiao Ming was a zombie, he was very two-faced and very skilled in dirty tactics.

“Phoenix, I will make you pay for pushing me to the zombies!” Daisy clenched her fist and attacked Phoenix.

Phoenix scoffed, “You just got lucky and became a variant zombie, but now you think you’re superman? No matter what you become, you’re still useless. Your only value in giving me the crystal nucleus in your head!”

Daisy didn’t speak as she dodged the icicle Phoenix shot, then attacked again. Daisy had never been able to understand it. They were all from the special forces department and were agents that the senior commander had personally trained, yet Phoenix and Wolf had actually attacked the senior commander.

They were beasts in human skin!

“You’re just a wretch. The man’s a bandit and the woman’s a slut, as if you deserve to be called a goddess. Don’t you feel any shame? Humph, and you’re still pretending to be so aloof and pure.” Daisy taunted Phoenix as they fought.

Phoenix was so infuriated by Daisy’s words that her eyes turned red, because when she was doing missions, she had needed to use her body and it hadn’t been just once. However, this was all necessary for the sake of completing the missions.

In the past, Phoenix didn’t care, but now, she was the goddess of the base. She couldn’t help but be bothered by this type of dark history. She was now one of the strongest in the base, how could she accept such a flawed past?

“Daisy, if you keep making things up, I’ll rip your mouth off,” spat Phoenix between gritted teeth. When she saw that everyone around was looking at her strangely, she felt the desire to rip Daisy apart from limb to limb.

Daisy watched Phoenix with a bright smile. When she saw that Phoenix was about to shoot an enormous icicle at her, she hastily dodged and shouted to Xiao Ming, “I can’t beat her, let’s run.”

Xiao Ming had been in the middle of fighting with Wolf, but when he heard this, he immediately turned, grabbed Daisy, and run. In just a few seconds, they were gone from sight.

#comment: Xiao Dong is also a common name in Chinese textbooks. It means ‘little east’ which is just as careless of a name as Xiao Ming. Haha, Xiao Ming grew up well. XD

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