QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0205

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Chapter 205: Phoenix Had Feelings for the Uncle

In the end, Ning Shu didn’t cook. The school doctor uncle had glanced at Ning Shu’s worried expression and said, having you cook is just wasting food.

So the uncle had ended up cooking and even made steamed meat. The meat was cut so evenly it looked like it had come out of a mold.

The uncle’s OCD sure was serious.

Ning Shu ate so much rice and meat that she burped continuously. She felt so moved that she was about to cry. The apocalypse world was too tormenting. When she was a little princess, what delicacies hadn’t she tasted? Yet this meal seemed much more delicious.

After eating compressed biscuits for so long that her taste buds had practically died, the taste of rice and meat that was dripping with oil was so delicious that Ning Shu wanted to throw her integrity away and hug the uncle’s thigh.

The uncle didn’t touch the meat and just slowly ate the stir-fried vegetables. His movements were unhurried and elegant, causing Ning Shu to look like a ravenous wolf in comparison.

The school doctor uncle furrowed his brows as he watched Ning Shu eat ravenously. When he saw that her face was covered with oil, his lips twitched and he turned his head away. He couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

After Ning Shu finished eating, she put the bowl down and belched in contentment. As she gave the uncle a thumbs up, she said, “Uncle, you’re sure amazing. You know how to steal cars, dissect people, and can even cook.” Ning Shu abruptly froze. She had accidently let slip the things that had happened in the school campus world. She glanced at the uncle and saw that he didn’t seem to be listening, then sighed in relief.

The uncle sure was amazing! The only thing was that his mysophobia and OCD was a little severe, and that his tongue was a little too poisonous.

It was a good thing she had strong mental strength and could ignore all of the uncle’s stabs.

The school doctor uncle narrowed his eyes and shifted towards the side. “Can’t you talk to me after you wash your face?”

Ning Shu: …

This was the one annoying part about the uncle.

She went to the bathroom to wash her face but before she even finished, an ear-piercing siren came on. It was so loud it felt like her eardrums were about to burst.

Ning Shu hastily left the restroom and asked the uncle, “What happened?”

The uncle furrowed his brows as he said, “Zombies have come to attack the base. Gather your things and let’s go fight the zombies.”

“I need to go too?” Ning Shu asked as she pointed at herself.

The school doctor uncle rolled his eyes at Ning Shu. “Since we’re relying on the base’s protection, we need show them our value, got it, little girl?”

Ning Shu looked at the school doctor uncle with astonishment. When had the uncle become so sensible?

The siren was getting louder and louder. The uncle handed Ning Shu a gun and said, “Be careful, don’t rush into the zombies. You don’t have a special ability so don’t rush off to die. No matter how strong you are, you won’t be able to beat so many zombies.”

Ning Shu accepted the gun. When she heard what the school doctor uncle said, she patted her chest and said confidently, “If there’s danger, I’ll run right away.”

The school doctor uncle: …

The sounds of the siren was getting more and more urgent. The uncle and Ning Shu headed out, only to bump into Wolf and Phoenix who were staying next door.

Wolf remarked tauntingly, “Lower class people who don’t even have special abilities want to fight against the zombies? Don’t end up becoming zombies.”

The school doctor uncle simply swept a cold glance over him. Wolf instantly reacted by releasing his ability and staring guardedly at the uncle.

The uncle gave a cold humph, then pulled Ning Shu by her elbow as he walked past Wolf and Phoenix.

It sure was despotic enough.

Wolf’s expression became very unsightly when he realized that he, as an ability user, was actually afraid of a lower class person that didn’t have an ability. It was truly shameful.

Phoenix looked at the school doctor uncle who was still wearing the same black windbreaker. Everything about him was attractive, his only shortcoming was that he didn’t have a special ability. However, in this apocalypse world in which the strong made the rules, just being attractive wasn’t enough. Strength was a must.

The thing that infuriated Phoenix the most was the fact that this lower class person actually exhibited no interest in her but treated Daisy so well. How was Daisy anywhere near as good as her?

Phoenix, who has always been competitive, had tasted defeat when facing the school doctor uncle, so it ended up making her care even more about the uncle. She wanted to make him fall for her in order to wash away this defeat.

In short, Phoenix had feelings for the uncle.

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