QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0203

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Chapter 203: Highest Quality, You Know

The school doctor uncle had been able to find a place to stay after just taking a stroll. As she looked at the key the school doctor uncle held, she said, “Uncle, I’ve found a place to stay. Senior Commander said that he would find me a place to stay.”

This senior commander was a trustworthy person and was like a father to the original host. This was why Ning Shu instinctively felt close to the senior commander.

When the school doctor uncle heard this, he lifted his brows and looked at the middle-aged senior commander. “You’ve found a place for this girl?”

Before the senior commander could reply, the school doctor uncle said to Ning Shu, “This room is the highest quality in the base you know.”

Ning Shu blinked, then responded, “Thanks ah, Uncle.”

Ning Shu felt that she shouldn’t bother the uncle anymore since he had already helped her a lot on the way here.

The senior commander patted Ning Shu’s shoulder and said, “Since you have a companion, then you should just go with your companion. Although I’m a high ranking official in this base, it’s really not good for me to use my connections for private matters. The apocalypse world is very harsh, it’s good to have someone to rely on.”

After the senior commander said that, he folded his hands behind his back and left just like that. Just like that…

Ning Shu stiffly turned around and said awkwardly, “My senior commander has quite a sense of humor.”

The school doctor uncle closed his hand around the key, then glanced at Ning Shu and sneered, “Hopeless.”

Ning Shu awkwardly followed after the school doctor uncle until they arrived at a residential building. This place really was quite nice.

“Uncle ah, how did you get this room?” asked Ning Shu.

The uncle opened the door, then swept a glance at Ning Shu. “You want to know?”

“It’s not something you can tell?” A scene of murdering and snatching immediately appeared in Ning Shu’s mind. This sort of thing was extremely common in the apocalypse world. After all, strength was law.

As Ning Shu and the uncle talked, the door next to them opened and a person came out. When they saw each other, they were stunned.

Ning Shu was astonished by the uncle’s planning skill for having even chosen the room right next to the female lead-sama. Meanwhile, Phoenix was shocked at the fact that two lower class people without special abilities had been able to get a room here.

Phoenix sized up Ning Shu and the school doctor uncle as she asked, “Why are you guys here?”

Ning Shu shrugged. She didn’t know either? When she saw that Phoenix looked as if she had just swallowed a fly, she felt depressed. Why weren’t they allowed to be here? Phoenix was acting as if them being here was dirtying her air.

The school doctor uncle swept his gaze over Phoenix indifferently, then pulled Ning Shu into the room by her elbow. The door slammed with a ‘bang.’ Phoenix, who was left outside, was furious.

They were just lower class people that didn’t even have abilities! That man had looked down on her from the start, but even after she had awakened her special ability, that man still paid no attention to her.

The plain truth was that Phoenix’s attempts to charm the school doctor uncle had been thwarted so she started feeling resentment towards him.

Why didn’t you fall for me? What right did you have to not fall for me!? Phoenix’s heart was filled with complaints.

Ning Shu sized up the room. Before the apocalypse, this sort of room could only count as simple. It also wasn’t very large, at most it was only seventy to eighty square meters. However, in the current conditions, this room was very nice and could count as a grand residence.

After all, the base was only oh so big and had to house a huge amount of people. The fact that they were able to get a room to themselves was already a grand luxury.

Ning Shu became even more curious about how the uncle got this room.

“I’m going to shower,” said the school doctor uncle to Ning Shu. Then he bent down a little and walked into the bathroom. The bathroom door was a little low so the school doctor uncle had to bend down a little every time he walked in and out.

#comment: “The school doctor uncle had been able to find a place to stay after just taking a stroll” Ning Shu, you really need to learn from him.

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