QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0248

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Chapter 248: The Situation Got a Little Intense

Situ Qingyu lowered his head to kiss her hand, but Ning Shu pulled her hand out of his grasp, then reached for the whistle hanging around her neck and blew with all her might.

Tap. A black figure jumped in from the window. Since he was dressed in black and had a cloth mask, he looked very conspicuous in this brightly lit room.

“Beat this guy to death for this miss! This bastard actually dared to try and take advantage of your miss! So cut off his damned weenie!” Ning Shu pointed at Situ Qingyu and started sprouting curses. There was not a trace of that aloof and cold manner left, so Situ Qingyu was a little taken aback. It was clear he was confused as to why the beauty’s temperament had changed so suddenly.

Situ Qingyu lifted his brows and said with a low chuckle, “So it turns out that you have a helper. Little beauty, this general loves hearing you speak. Even when you’re cursing, your voice is still so pleasing to the ear.”

Ning Shu: …

What the fuck.

Now she wanted to poison herself so that she became mute.

This was the pitiful life of a female lead. Even when a painful event occured, the expression on her face would still seem so beautiful in its fragility that it made men desire to torment her even more.

Ning Shu squeezed her throat and did her best to lower the charm of her voice as she shouted towards the hidden guard. “Cut his damned weenie off!”

Situ Qingyu started fighting with the hidden guard. In the burst of clashing blades, several chairs ended up getting ruined as casualties.

Yue Lan moved closer to Ning Shu while keeping her eyes on the fighting people. Her voice trembled as she asked, “Miss, what’s a weenie?”

Ning Shu: …

Thud. A figure fell in front of Ning Shu. When Ning Shu saw that it was the hidden guard, she had a bad feeling. The hidden guard got back up while pressing a hand to his chest as he said, “Miss, this person is strong. I can’t beat him, so I’m going to go treat my injuries first.” After he finished speaking, he jumped out of the window and ran off just like that. Just like that…

Fuck! What was the use of feeding you if you were so useless? If you were going to run, you should at least bring your master along!

Ning Shu put on an aloof and cold manner again and lifted her chin arrogantly as she looked towards Situ Qingyu. Situ Qingyu’s arm had been injured and it was currently dripping blood.

“General, what’s wrong?” A guard stationed outside the door had heard the commotion.

Situ Qingyu grinned towards Ning Shu, revealing his perfectly white teeth. Then he replied mildly, “Nothing, the situation just got a little intense.” These words came out very suggestive.

The person outside gave a vulgar chuckle as he left.

Situ Qingyu hooked his finger and beckoned Ning Shu. “Come here, bandage this general’s wound.”

Ning Shu didn’t know how to, so she stayed silent.

“Since you’re not coming over here, this general will go over there. However, if this general goes over, things won’t end with just bandaging this wound.” As Situ Qingyu spoke, he made to walk towards Ning Shu.

Dammit. She silently cursed at him as she walked over. After a few steps, she noticed that her waist was swaying with her movements. This came completely instinctively.

#comment: The actual Chinese word that I translated as weenie was ‘jj.’ It’s a more modern slang and refers to the little weenies of boys and is pronounced close to the letter ‘g’ as in ‘gee gee.’ However, there’s already meanings for JJ in English which are like just joking, or refers to a sweet guy friend. Didn’t want to tack on the meaning of weenie to that… Especially since there’s a singer I like that has the nickname JJ.

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