QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0246

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Chapter 246: Waiting For the General to Arrive

When Yue Lan came back with food, she said to Ning Shu, “Miss, there’s no one left in the residence anymore, so this servant could only make some noodles.”

Ning Shu wasn’t picky, so she ate what Yue Lan brought, then said, “You should get something for yourself to eat as well.”

Following that, she just rubbed her stomach and waited for the general to arrive. After a long time, when she was nearly about to nod off, someone finally broke into the prime minister’s residence. She could hear loud footsteps heading in this direction.

Bam! The door was kicked open by someone and crashed to the ground, startling a wave of dust.

Ning Shu was speechless. Couldn’t they just open the door normally? Why did so many people like kicking down doors?

Ning Shu continued sitting on the stool as she glanced over the people that had walked in. The man that was walking in the forefront was wearing armor and gave off a bold and powerful aura. The moment he walked into the room, a strong bloody stench filled the air.

Ning Shu looked at him. This was Mu Yanmeng’s first man, Situ Qingyu!

“Wow, General, there’s a beauty in here.”

“How beautiful…”

“She’s truly beautiful…”

When Ning Shu saw these people look at her with fascinated and disgusting eyes, she felt curses flood her heart. She had never enjoyed such treatment before.

It felt like she was being visually raped.

As expected, she was more used to being a honest and ordinary little cannon fodder.

“All of you, leave,” said Situ Qingyu to the soldiers behind him. His voice was deep and contained a cold, cool dignity.

However, the officers and soldiers were relunctant since Ning Shu, this alluring beauty, was right in front of them. An officer cupped his fist in salute as he said, “General, this beauty is definitely the famous beauty, Mu Yanmeng, of the state of Donghua. Our brothers have worked hard for a night, so General, what do you think?”

“This general said to scram!” Situ Qingyu pulled out the broadsword at his waist and said coldly, “What? There’s no need to listen to this general any longer? Or is it that you guys want to disobey a military command?”

Everyone instantly realized that the general had taken a liking to the beauty and wanted to take her first.

The eyes of all the men at the door were glued onto Ning Shu. Some people even had drool dribbling out.

However, with Situ Qingyu present, they had no chance of touching this beauty.

Situ Qingyu had built up a very strong reputation, so these men were very afraid of him. Even though they were reluctant, they left, leaving Situ Qingyu alone with Ning Shu.

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