QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0241

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Chapter 241: Np-sex Story World

She, a person that was in charge of counterattacking for cannon fodder, was now going to counterattack for a female lead. It was seriously unbelievable.

2333 said, “I already said that this was a special task. After this task, you’re going to have to go back to being a little cannon fodder.”

Eff off! It was being so direct even though it said it was in charge of looking after the players’ emotional states. What kind of ‘looking after’ was this?

Ning Shu sat down and started absorbing the material in the space to strengthen her soul. She was going to exchange for a secret manual to strengthen the soul as soon as she got enough points. This method was way too slow.

After a long while, Ning Shu opened her eyes and saw with satisfaction that her soul had become a lot more solid. Then she asked, “2333, are you still here?”

“I’m here.” 2333 had replied right after she asked this question. It was clear 2333 had been waiting for Ning Shu to wake up.

Ning Shu asked, “Can you change your name?”

2333 replied, “I can’t. This has been my name ever since I was born, it can’t be changed.

Ning Shu: Fuck…

It felt like this number was filled with malicious intent.

Forget it, there was no point getting hung up over these little details. Ning Shu then said, “Then let’s start the task.”


Ning Shu was immediately hit with such strong vertigo that she wanted to puke.

It took a while for this feeling to fade. When she opened her eyes, she found that she was in a dim room. There were lit candles on the table and at the side, a girl was sleeping on a chair. She was probably on night watch.

Ning Shu rubbed her head as she looked towards the window. It looked dark outside, so Ning Shu decided to receive the storyline first.

Prime Minister Mu of Donghua had a daughter whose looks were beautiful enough to truly overturn a city. Her name was Mu Yanmeng. So many people came to propose to her that the doorsteps broke from the amount of visitors. Everyone had made guesses on who would ultimately be able to take this beauty home with them.

However, unexpectedly, the state of Donghua had collapsed in a single night and the prime minister’s residence was attacked. Prime Minister Mu had his daughter escape before running in the opposite direction.

The moment Mu Yanmeng left the prime minister’s residence, she was caught by a general. That then general raped Mu Yanmeng, and that was the start of an unabashed and moral-less life.

Mu Yanmeng gradually fell in love with this general, but then another prince took a fancy to Mu Yanmeng so the general gave her to the prince as a present. Mu Yanmeng was so shocked and hurt by the general’s heartlessness that her heart and such nearby organs practically shifted places. After that, she started a mutual loving and hurting relationship with the prince. It was always like, I don’t love you, even if you obtain my body, you won’t be able to obtain my heart, and blah blah blah…

After losing Mu Yanmeng, the general finally realized that he loved her, so he went and negotiated with the prince. After that, an even more shameful incident occurred. They actually had a 3p.

Ning Shu: …

Mu Yanmeng was very hurt and ran away. Then, on the road, she encountered quite a lot of men: an imperial merchant, a godly doctor, a martial arts alliance head, a scholar, and the leader of a demonic sect.

Near the end of the storyline, all these men had fallen in love with Mu Yanmeng and after having a discussion, decided to share her. Thus began an even more shameless and moral-less life.

Da fudge!?

Ning Shu was horrified just by the sight of all these people, and most importantly, every time Mu Yanmeng encountered a man, she was pushed down and raped. Later, that man would realize that the one he truly loved was Mu Yanmeng and would lose interest in sleeping with other women.

There were a lot of heartbreaks, miscarriages, misunderstandings, and physical tormenting. It was seriously too melodramatic.  

It was completely a tear jerking, np-sex story world ah.

It was no wonder Mu Yanmeng wanted a counterattack after experiencing this sort of life three times. These men were all damned sadists, while Mu Yanmeng was definitely a masochist. After all, they had been able to live happily together in this sort of situation.

Ning Shu counted the men on her fingers: the heroic general, the despotic prince, the two-faced imperial merchant, the apathetic godly doctor, the flirtatious sect leader, the upright alliance head, and the talented scholar.

En, that was a total of seven. If it was a person a night, it’d fill up the week perfectly.

Ning Shu really wanted to go home. This world was so dirty ah.

#comment: Let me just say, this arc is probably the one that I have the strongest impression of. There’s also one other world in the far future that I have a similarly strong impression of. Ahem, good kids shouldn’t copy. View with discretion.

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