QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0242

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Chapter 242: Mwuah!

“Ding, Ning Shu, mwuah! I’m 2333.” A voice suddenly appeared in Ning Shu’s head and she almost jumped off the bed from the shock.

“What is it?” asked Ning Shu coldly. And it even said mwuah? Ha. Ha…

2333 cut to the chase and said, “Since you’re helping Mu Yanmeng counterattack, in order to escape Mu Yanmeng’s fate, you can’t lose your virginity to these men. Mu Yanmeng had been oppressed by these men in all three of her lifetimes, so Ning Shu, if you want to get more points, you should oppress these men a little too.”

“The more trauma points you obtain, the more experience points you’ll get. This task is very difficult because the rules in this world are very strong. Mu Yanmeng’s life is already fixed, that was why she hadn’t been able to escape this fate even after rebirth,” explained 2333.

Ning Shu realized that this world was like a train on tracks. She had no choice but to follow the storyline. Even if she distorted the storyline, the world’s rules would soon force her back onto the original plot.

She suddenly felt enormous pressure. Dammit, why was the task she chose so hard? It couldn’t be that she had ended up picking the task that everyone else had rejected, right?


In any case, her job this time was to change Mu Yanmeng’s fate and also deal those men some psychological damage.

But this also made sense. If she didn’t beat these crazy scumbags to death, could it be that she should keep them around for company to celebrate New Years?

Ning Shu sat up from the bed and prepared to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. If she didn’t have strength, she wouldn’t be able to fend off the fate of being raped, and she had no desire to be raped.

After a long time, she inhaled deeply, then inhaled again. She discovered sadly that this body couldn’t cultivate at all! She had practiced for nearly four hours, yet there wasn’t even a trace of energy within her body.

She was so worried that she was starting to sweat. Fudge! Without power, she’d practically be a sitting duck for these men to push down! This won’t do!

Ning Shu expressed that she was a person that was clear as ice and clean as jade, how could she do something like that?

“There’s no way this body can cultivate, Ning Shu, you should just give up…” 2333’s voice echoed in Ning Shu’s brain.

She felt emotionally exhausted. It made sense, the beautiful female lead’s purpose was to be pushed down by people. If she successfully learned the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, she’d be extremely strong. At that time, how were men supposed to push her down?

A soft and weak body was easy to push down and any futile resistance only added to the fun. Allow the female lead to possess enormous strength? No way.

Ning Shu sat up on the bed and sighed. Suddenly, the door was pushed open with a bang.

The girl sleeping on the chair was so startled by this loud sound that she fell onto the ground. As she got up in confusion, she shouted towards Ning Shu, “Miss, Miss! What’s going on?”

How would I freaking know what was going on? Ning Shu looked towards the door. A man had walked in with other people behind him.

“Yanmeng ah, the city is being besieged. Let’s hurry and leave,” said a good-looking middle-aged man anxiously.

So it was the original host’s father. And she had been worried it was the general that was attacking the city. Even now her heart was still pounding from lingering fear.

“Hurry and help your miss gather her stuff.” Prime Minister Mu shouted towards the maid whose face face had turned deathly pale.

The little maid hastily started packing things up.

Prime Minister Mu then looked towards Ning Shu and sighed. “The state of Donghua has collapsed.”

Ning Shu sighed as well. This was the start of the original host’s tragedy ah.

“Father, where are we going?” Ning Shu didn’t feel like she would be able to run away. After all, the storyline was pretty powerful.

#comment: Haha, I never realized the first time around that it was the system who spurred Ning Shu to mess with those men.

P.S. Thank you to all the readers and commenters! I love reading the reactions to the latest chapters (esp. the teasers) the morning after I post it, but I feel like it’s time to clear one thing up. The reason there are no credits is because I still do not have a team! orz. 

3 months away from this project’s one year anniversary, this is still a one Kaho army… So if any of you have that translation itch or flame inside of you, or knows someone that does, check out the recruitment page and shoot me an email! Gimme a Christmas gift in the form of manpower~

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