QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0204

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Chapter 204: I’ve Already Tolerated You for a Long Time

Ning Shu replied ‘oh,’ then proceeded to tidy up the room a little. As she wiped off her sweat, she heard a sound come from the bathroom door and turned around to see that the school doctor uncle had finished his shower.

She hastily covered her nose in fear that her blood would spurt out. The school doctor uncle had walked out with only a bath towel wrapped around his waist. Furthermore, the towel was wrapped very loosely so his enticing V-line and butt crack was faintly visible.

Those long legs, that muscular body… Ning Shu’s throat was starting to feel dry. Although this body was a young girl, Uncle, you still shouldn’t be so casual!

The school doctor uncle used a small towel to wipe his wet hair, causing his damp hair to fall over his forehead in a casual and sexy way.

Ning Shu: …

Fuck! She really wanted to just push this guy down!

The school doctor uncle saw that Ning Shu was staring blankly without moving and furrowed his brows. “Why are you still hanging around instead of showering? Don’t you know how dirty you are? I’ve already tolerated you for a long time.”

Ning Shu: How could you say this to a lady?

For better or for worse, she was a woman, even though she was a little young. However, the school doctor uncle didn’t seem to treat her as a woman at all and completely treated her as a kid.

Ning Shu humphed. Although this body was young, her mental age was likely larger than his!

She went into the bathroom and saw that there were a lot of bath products laid out on the stand. Did all of this belong to the school doctor uncle?

Her impression of the school doctor uncle was once again corrected. This guy’s obsession with cleanliness was beyond salvation.

Ning Shu took a nice and comfortable bath while enjoying the nice fragrances. When she came out, she purposefully walked around in front of the school doctor uncle a couple times.

The school doctor uncle glanced at Ning Shu, then frowned. “Why are you still so ugly even after getting clean?”

HIs tone sounded so incredulous and disdainful that it made Ning Shu’s knees hurt. Uncle, couldn’t you consider the person’s feelings before speaking?

It was too hurtful, too much of a burn.

Her heart felt really tired.

“Do you know how to cook?” The school doctor uncle asked Ning Shu.

Um, uh. Ning Shu looked at the school doctor uncle blankly for a moment, then said bashfully, “Uncle, I don’t know how to cook.”

The uncle responded with incomparable contempt. “Aren’t you a special agent? If your mission was in a more extreme place without food, do you plan to just starve to death? I’ve never seen a special agent as weak as you.”

What the fuck? Was the uncle enabling comments mode? He criticized every bit of her from her very toes to the very ends of her hair. At the end of it, his conclusion was: she really was very trashy.

In the end, when the school doctor uncle saw that Ning Shu seemed completely unconcerned, he put on clothes and prepared to head out. “I’m going to go find some food. Don’t run around, otherwise you’re on your own if someone decides to kill you.”

Ning Shu nodded as she wondered, was the uncle heading out to rob someone again?

After a while, the uncle returned with a bag of stuff over his shoulder. Even the way he carried groceries was very cool looking.

Ning Shu took the bag from him and opened it to discover that it was rice. “Where did you find this?”

“Someone gave it to me,” replied the school doctor uncle indifferently as he patted the dust off his clothes.

There were barely any resources left in this apocalypse world, who the hell would give you things!?

“Cook,” said the school doctor uncle to Ning Shu.

Ah, um. Ning Shu froze. She had spent half her life in a hospital. She had never cooked in the task worlds either. Could it be that she was about to [get] a new skill?

#comment: The school doctor uncle is definitely trying to seduce our not-very-innocent little Ning Shu! Definitely!!

Some explanations:

Knees hurt = can’t stand = about to kneel to the person.

Most Chinese manga have a switch for toggling on and off comments, and those comments would show up on the page as you read if you have the option enabled. Chinese comments are usually very humorous and oftentimes a little snide.

[get] is in English and the author was trying to make it look like a game notification.

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