QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0251

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Chapter 251: Born of a Bitch

When Ning Shu saw Situ Qingyu’s eyes fill with lust, she knew exactly what he was planning to do. However, even if the task hadn’t specified that she had to protect her chastity, she had no desire to get involved with this kind of psychopath.

“What are you trying to do?” Ning Shu looked at Situ Qingyu with cold murderous intent. However, Situ Qingyu just responded with a mocking tone. “Don’t use such a proud and aloof gaze to look at this general, otherwise I won’t be able to stop myself from gorging your eyes out. Those wretches had looked at me the same way. After that, they were never able to see again.”

Tsk tsk, fucking pervert.

“And you’re asking me what I’m doing? A man, with a woman, alone in a room… What else could they do?” Situ Qingyu said menacingly, “You’re going to be fucked like a bitch.”

Ning Shu: …

The fuck? Did all male leads speak so vulgarly? However, with good looks, he still seemed charming even when he spoke like a hoodlum.

Like a bitch? Ning Shu laughed. “You were also born of a bitch.” This idiot hated women so much it was like he wanted to exterminate all females.

“You have a sharp tongue. This general will let you know the consequences of angering me.” Situ Qingyu grinned boldly. “The entire Prime Minister Residence is filled with this general’s subordinates. Do you think you will be able to escape? Do you think you’re undefeatable just because you have a hidden guard?”

Ning Shu lifted her chin slightly and looked at him with arrogance and contempt. “You’re just a stinky bug. You think you’re so great just because you managed to climb to a higher position?”

Since Situ Qingyu minded his past so much, she decided to rip open his old wound, pour salt on it, and give it a good rub to season it nicely.

Situ Qingyu was so infuriated by Ning Shu’s look of contempt that his eyes turned red and the muscles on his face convulsed. He spat between gritted teeth, “You’re courting death!”

“Ding, trauma points +10. Current number of trauma points is 15.” 2333’s voice suddenly appeared in her brain.

Ning Shu instantly felt that her move had been correct. Situ Qingyu really did mind those past events a lot.

“Even if the consequence is death, I would still look down on someone like you. It was no wonder those women all felt disdain towards you and humiliated you. A person like you deserved to be insulted.” Ning Shu’s face was filled with contempt. “Why don’t you blame your mother for giving birth to you?”

“You’re seeking death!” Situ Qingyu’s eyes looked like they were about to crack due to his furious glower. He reached out and clutched Ning Shu’s neck. Ning Shu’s air was immediately cut off.

This body seriously was weak.

“Mu Yanmeng, you’ve successfully provoked me.” Situ Qingyu tightened his grip. He felt like he could snap this slender neck with just a soft pinch. Just like that, a life would end in his hands. This sensation filled his heart with mad delight.

Ning Shu was running out of oxygen, so she took out the scissors she had grabbed earlier and quickly slashed it across Situ Qingyu’s wrist. Blood immediately gushed forth from the wound.

Situ Qingyu was stunned for a moment, so Ning Shu took advantage of this chance to kick his lower half. This ma’am will crush your damned family jewels as the price!

She had used all of the energy in her body in this kick, but it was fricking useless. Situ Qingyu only gave a muffled groan and showed a little bit of pain.

Ning Shu: Fuck! How weak was this body!?

#comment: Who’s 沈卿卿 Shen Qingqing? Author keeps typing this name. Did she have another series? Urgh, I cannot read rn. If I start, I’ll definitely be sucked in for three days, then mourn for another week once I catch up.

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