QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0152

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Chapter 152: Labeled Malicious

“Yes, I am shameless. What’s wrong about me doing this to my wife?” Xiao Yan looked at Su Meng with sincerity in his eyes. “You’re my only wife in this lifetime.”

Su Meng froze and she looked up at him. “You’re lying to me, don’t you still have my cousin? Remember, we don’t have any relationship at all, none at all! No, that’s not right, we do have a relationship. You’re my cousin’s husband.”

“You’re my only wife, this will always be true. As for Su Ran, I’ll deal with her,” said Xiao Yan darkly. “It’s not just Su Ran, I’ll deal with the Su family as well. I’ll get them back for all the suffering they made you go through and avenge my father and mother-in-law.”

A blush appeared on Su Meng’s face. She felt a bit moved, but then she said tsunderely, “Who are you calling your father and mother-in-law? You can’t just call them however you want. I never thought of wanting to marry you at all.”

Xiao Yan made a lot of promises to Su Meng and the atmosphere soon became as sweet as honey. However, there was a bit of a shadow in Xiao Yan’s heart due to his family jewels.

After leaving Su Meng’s small apartment, Xiao Yan headed straight to the hospital. Whenever he recalled this issue, he would recall the loathsome woman who was his wife in name.

He loosened a breath in relief when the doctor told him that he hadn’t been crippled, then asked why it hurt so much when it reacted.

The doctor said that he had to be careful and give it time to recover. For the next two months, he shouldn’t ‘clap clap clap’ for love.

Su Ran… Su Ran, that bitch!

On the way back to the Xiao family home, Xiao Yan pressed down hard on the gas pedal, but Ning Shu still returned earlier than him.

When Ning Shu got back, it was completely quiet inside. Master and Madame Xiao were both gone, and Su Dabao and Su Xiaobao weren’t there either.

Ning Shu pulled over a servant and asked, “Where did everyone go?”

When the servant saw that it was the young madame, a disdainful expression appeared on his face. “I don’t know.”

Ha. Now even the servants in the Xiao family dared to show disdain for her. Ning Shu grabbed the servant’s elbow hard and questioned him coldly, “Where did they go? I’m asking you a question.”

The servant was frightened by Ning Shu’s cold expression and was just about to answer when he was interrupted by a snarl.

“Su Ran…”

Ning Shu dug at her ear. This voice sounded kind of familiar ah. She turned around to find that Xiao Yan was standing behind her, his face still bruised.

Xiao Yan walked quickly to her and shouted, “Su Ran, you malicious woman! What did the servant do wrong for you to maltreat him!?”

Ning Shu sneered. She didn’t even want to open her eyes to look at this idiot.

What the fuck was this? Now he was labeling her malicious? So what if she was malicious? If she wasn’t malicious, how was she supposed to serve as a contrast for your wonderful true love?

Xiao Yan’s eyes contain unconcealable loathing and hatred as he looked at Ning Shu. Whenever he recalled what the doctor said, he would feel to urge to rip Ning Shu apart from limb to limb.

The woman he loved had suffered because of this malicious, greedy, and fake woman. A person like this couldn’t compare to a single strand of Su Meng’s hair.

When the servant saw Xiao Yan, he hastily said, “Young Master, little Young Master and little Young Miss have been taken to the hospital. Right now, Master and Madame are waiting in the hospital.”

#comment: Haha, guess what happened? Did Ning Shu poison the babies?

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