QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0157

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Chapter 157: Got Burned by the System

Ning Shu felt that her head must have gotten kicked by a donkey for her to become dumb enough to try and collaborate with a supporting male lead. Could it be that stupidity was contagious and that she had already been infected?

Speaking of Li Xiuwen this supporting male lead ah, all his qualifications were good. He had a good background and also had good looks, then he had fallen head over heels in love with the female lead at first sight. When he was studying abroad, he got to know Su Meng whose stomach was already big with her babies. Following that, he looked after Su Meng all the way until they came back to the country. Then, after coming back, Su Meng started playing love tug-of-war with Xiao Yan.

And Li Xiuwen became the female lead’s ‘nice older brother,’ an existence that often made the male lead jealous.

His role was so noble ah.

Li Xiuwen looked at the woman sitting in front of him. Her expression changed rapidly but he had no idea what she was thinking about.

He reached out with his slender fingers and knocked on the table, making brief, rhythmic sound. It snapped Ning Shu out of her thoughts.

“What exactly do you want to say? I’m sorry, but I need to leave now.” Li Xiuwen’s expression was a little dark.

Ning Shu guessed that he probably didn’t want to keep looking at a malicious woman like her.

Could she just kill those people off and count the task as finished?


Ning Shu heard the crackling of an electric current. This sensation was way too familiar. It’s been a long time since she had heard the system’s voice.

“Player’s thoughts are inappropriate and do not conform with this world’s rules. Player should give up on this idea. The original host offered up her soul for a chance at a better life, not to wake up and find herself in prison.”

The system’s voice was clearly very mechanical and emotionless, but for some reason she felt like she just got burned.

Li Xiuwen looked at the woman in front of him again. Her expression was now contorted. He felt like there was definitely something wrong with this woman.

He shook his head as he got up to leave. Inwardly, he was thinking, so it turned out that Xiao Yan’s wife was mentally ill ah.

Ning Shu only came back to her senses when Li Xiuwen stood up. She hastily grabbed his elbow to pull him back down, then said coldly, “What’s with you? The person hasn’t even spoken, yet you keep saying you need to leave. Seriously!”

“It’s not too late to leave after hearing what I have to say.” Ning Shu looked at Li Xiuwen and directly said, “I want to collaborate with you and make the Xiao family collapse. Half the loot will belong to me, and let’s do it as quickly as possible.”

Li Xiuwen lifted his brows. “Why should I collaborate with you? And what capital do you even have to propose such a collaboration?”

“Moreover, the Xiao family is such an enormous corporation, but you’re actually demanding for half of it?” Li Xiuwen almost asked, could you be more shameless?

Ning Shu laughed coldly and coolly pulled out a bunch of nice, soft, rmb, then threw them on the table. “This ma’am has plenty of money. Let’s collaborate.”

“But I feel like I don’t gain anything.” Li Xiuwen elegantly spread out his hands. “After I put in so much effort to make the Xiao family collapse, I still have to give you half of it.”

Ning Shu almost spat out her non-existent water on his handsome face. She said, annoyed, “Don’t be so greedy, you can already get the female… get Su Meng, what else do you want? You can freaking get Su Meng ah, what are you still discontent with?”

Did you know how much luck it would take for the female lead to end up together with a supporting male lead like you? It would be completely going against the Heavens and changing your fate of being a male supporting lead ah, yet you still weren’t satisfied.

“You won’t be able to obtain Xiao Yan either,” said Li Xiuwen mildly.

Pfff…” This time Ning Shu seriously almost spat her drink out on Li Xiuwen’s face. Although she didn’t, she still ended up spitting out her coffee. It was half because she had been startled and half due to disgust.


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