QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0167

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Chapter 167: Because the Cook Hated Her

After Xiao Yan and the two kids entered the Xiao family home, they saw Ning Shu and their expressions stiffened before being replaced with disbelief.

Xiao Yan was an adult so he immediately concealed his disappointment, but the two kids pouted unhappily like they were on the brink of tears. Su Xiaobao couldn’t hold it back and burst into tears with a ‘wah.’

She sounded very angry. As she wiped her tears, she glared blamefuly at Ning Shu with frustration and disappointment.

Ning Shu lifted her brows. What? Was it that disappointing to see that she was completely fine and not dead?

Master Xiao and Madame Xiao immediately smiled when they saw the two precious darlings. They kept saying that they missed them to death, aiyah, that they missed them so much their hearts hurt and such blather.

The moment the children came, they cleared away the heavy atmosphere in the Xiao family. As Su Xiaobao responded cutely to the Xiao family parents, she stared at Ning Shu with resentment.

Ning Shu met Xiao Yan’s gaze and Xiao Yan instantly felt as if a bucket of cold water was poured on him and slowly freezing him.

That feeling was as if everything he was thinking was seen through. It made him feel guilty and angry from the sense of humiliation.

“You malicious woman! What did you do now?” shouted Xiao Yan. Ning Shu simply looked at him coldly as she took a step forward. Xiao Yan instinctively retreated backwards.

When he realized that he was actually scared of this fake, malicious woman, he immediately shouted to cover his embarrassment. “You…”

At this time, a person in police uniform walked in. It was the captain of the team from yesterday.

No one from the Xiao family greeted him when he walked in, so Ning Shu took the initiative to speak first. “Captain, did that woman confess?”

The captain looked at Ning Shu and said, “She confessed. She said she only decided to kill you because she hated you.”

The fuck!? What hatred could there be between her and a cook? Ning Shu glanced at Xiao Yan. He was sitting on the sofa with a pleased expression on his face as he looked at the police with disdain.

The captain said to Ning Shu, “Based on her confession, she grew to hate you because you were always humiliating her, saying that her cooking wasn’t good, picking faults, and even hitting her.”

Ning Shu: …

Xiao Yan sneered. “Su Ran, I can’t believe you’re cruel to the point you even torment the servants.”

Ning Shu turned around and looked at Xiao Yan. Her heart was filled with murderous intent. He tried to kill her and was even trying to frame her!

She just didn’t know what perks Xiao Yan had given the cook.

The captain didn’t say anything. He exchanged a few more words with Ning Shu, then left.

Ning Shu turned to look at Xiao Yan who looked completely smug, then gave a cold laugh.

Xiao Yan was very disappointed to find that Ning Shu was still alive. He didn’t even want to look at her anymore and immediately left with the two children.

Although Master and Madame Xiao wanted the children to stay, they felt that it was unsafe for the children to stay while this vicious woman was here.

Ning Shu ignored all of their contemptful, displeased looks and quietly waited for the Xiao family to collapse.

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