QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0158

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Chapter 158: Worried Someone Will Steal My Money

“Hahahahaha~” Ning Shu laughed coldly, then started putting the rmb on the table back into her bag.

When Li Xiuwen saw her movements, he asked in confusion, “Aren’t we currently discussing how to make the Xiao family fall? You seem like you’re about to leave.”

“Handsome, I’ll be leaving first,” replied Ning Shu expressionlessly. You frickin’ deserved your fate of being a pitiful supporting male lead.

Li Xiuwen blocked Ning Shu. “Sit back down, let’s discuss some more. Why don’t you take out all the money in your bag? Let me see how much you have.”

“I can’t,” said Ning Shu firmly. “It’s way too unsafe to take it out. I’m worried that someone will try to steal my money.

Li Xiuwen: …

He looked at her as if he was staring at a nutjob.

In the end, it was difficult, but they managed to arrive at a deal. Why was it difficult? It was because this bastard supporting lead actually wanted to decrease her share in the profit to one-tenth, which was pretty much equal to just tossing her a random bit.

There was no way Ning Shu could tolerate this. Since he could carry home the beauty, even if he lost all his assets in this exchange, it still counted as a good deal for him.

So Ning Shu used all sorts of method and finally got him to give her a four-tenth split.

“A friendly reminder: find a company to use as a front for baiting them. In front of Su Meng, you should work hard to maintain your clean and innocent image.” Ning Shu patted his shoulder and left.

When she got back to the Xiao family home, the house was completely silent. Ning Shu found the atmosphere very relaxing. The Xiao family parents were staying at the hospital to look after their darling grandchildren and it was even less likely for Xiao Yan to come back without a reason.

While Ning Shu was enjoying the quiet, Xiao Yan was in a lot of pain. His children were lying on beds, barely breathing, and Su Meng was crying so much her eyes were swollen and red. He felt that if he didn’t do anything, he wasn’t worthy of being called a man.

Xiao Yan currently felt that the Su family was an extreme eyesore. They had already gained so much money from the Xiao family but return they actually sent them a malicious woman like Su Ran.

Then there was the fact that Su Bo, that bastard, actually killed Su Meng’s parents. He definitely had to get justice for Su Meng for this matter.

Thus, Xiao Yan proceeded with the collaboration project just like in the original storyline. However, Su Bo now had some doubts so he didn’t put out all of the Su family’s money. He held a bit back even though he still didn’t believe that the Xiao family would do something like cheating their friends.

When Madame Su called to tell Ning Shu about this, Ning Shu didn’t say anything. Since the Su family trusted the Xiao family and Xiao Yan so much, then she’ll just allow the Su family to face the consequences themselves.

She had no desire to put in effort to protect the Su family just to have the stupid younger brother offer all the family assets up to Su Meng. That outcome would be seriously ball-breaking.

Ning Shu had Li Xiuwen hurry forward with the operation. Xiao Yan had already started making his move, so she planned to attack him during his happiest moment, which was once he successfully made the Su family go bankrupt.

Meanwhile, Su Dabao and Su Xiaobao used their illness as a pretext to act spoiled and cute. They put all their efforts into playing matchmaker to increase the affection between Su Meng and Xiao Yan.

During this period, the hospital room was filled with the two children’s voices and pink-colored bubbles of love. The two elders were also laughing with amusement as they watched. The scene was harmonious and beautiful, like that of a very loving family.

Xiao Yan constantly used his fiery passionate gaze to look at Su Meng. Every time Su Meng reached out to grab something, he would purposefully grab her hand, causing Su Meng’s face to flush.

In more concealed locations in the hospital, they would hug and kiss sweetly. Not far away, the two little imps watched with mischievous expressions on their faces.


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