QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0137

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Chapter 137: Please Don’t Ask

After Madame Su left, Ning Shu endured the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach and flipped over. The lochia beneath her looked like a dam had burst.

Ning Shu felt like the world was so malicious. Why was the timing for her entrance into the world so coincidental every single time? If it wasn’t that she was about to be beaten to death, it was that she was about to be starved to death. Now she had been placed right after a miscarriage.

She decided that, from now on, she’d add all of her attribute points to luck. Was her moral quality seriously that bad?

This was such a troll.

Ning Shu closed her eyes to start receiving the storyline. However, this storyline just added on the pain.

This storyline was very simple. It was just a story of accidentally getting on the wrong bed, then running off with the baby, with a happy ever after for the family at the end.

The body Ning Shu was in was named Su Ran. She was the cousin of the female lead Su Meng and also the rival in love.

The story began with Su Meng’s parents dying in a car crash, and that car crash seemed to be the result of this body’s parents’ scheming.

It must be known that the struggle for power and influence within wealthy families were always this harsh.

During the funeral, Su Meng had accused her uncle of causing her parents’ deaths, but she had no proof. In sorrow and pain, she ran to a bar to drink. Her parents who had loved her so much had left her just like this. She was going to be an orphan, and she had no way to get revenge.

>To be more specific, the uncle was her father’s older brother.<

In frustration, she drank more and more. In the end, a rich guy who came to the bar to hook up with a girl took a fancy to her.

For better or for worse, Su Meng had grown up in a wealthy family and knew what this guy wanted. However, at that point, she had no longer had control in her limbs and was brought by the guy to a hotel. She took advantage of a chance to escape into another room.

And this room turned out to be the male lead-sama’s room.

Please don’t ask why the male lead was in this room, and don’t ask why the male lead-sama decided to live in a hotel instead of at his villa.

Ning Shu didn’t freakin’ know why either, things just happened that coincidentally.

The two squabble for a while, then ended up sleeping together. Thunder sparked flames on the dry earth, the ground trembled and mountains swayed ah.

When the male lead-sama, Xiao Yan, woke up the next day, there wasn’t anyone next to him anymore. There was a thousand dollars placed next to the bed along with a note that said it was the overnight fee.

Xiao Yan was furious. From the start, he had woken up with a physiological reaction, so when he saw the money and the note, he was enraged to the point he almost came from anger.

Following that, he vowed to find that hateful woman and blah blah…

Don’t ask why a person with a hangover would wake up sooner than a normal person. Ning Shu could only say that perhaps Xiao Yan had physically exerted himself too much.

Meanwhile, back on Su Meng’s side, she seemed to catch paranoia and for some reason thought that her uncle wanted to eliminate all roots, so she quickly brought a plane ticket out of the country.

Thus, even though Xiao Yan flipped over every single piece of land in the country, he couldn’t find that woman.

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