QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0154

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Chapter 154: Abalone is a Sin

“Mom, what exactly happened?” Xiao Yan glared at Ning Shu. “As expected, Su Ran, your heart is as venomous as that of a snake’s, to not even show mercy towards children.”

“It’s all because this woman wanted to eat abalone. In the end, during lunch, the two children got indigestion from eating too much so they had to come to the hospital to get treatment.” Madame Xiao glared at Ning Shu.

Master Xiao agreed, “In the future, abalone is banned from the house.”

Ning Shu: Mama, I wanna go home. These people were all nutjobs.

Xiao Yan glanced towards Ning Shu with disgust.

Ning Shu gave a cold laugh. “It’s not like I told them to eat it, nor did I force their mouths open and shove it down their throats. Or could it be that I poisoned the fish?”

What did it have to do with her?

“You still dare to quibble? If you hadn’t scared Xiaobao so much that she cried, how could the kids have ended up with indigestion?” Madame Xiao sneered.

Ning Shu: …

Her heart felt really tired ah. Why were all the people in this world so stupid? Where was the logic, the morality? The blame for everything was pushed onto her without reason, yet these people still acted as if they were so in the right.

What were these people’s brains being used for?

Ning Shu already had an idea of the situation. The kids had probably tried to eat all the abalone so that she couldn’t have any after she mentioned that she wanted to eat abalone.

From the start, it was easy for children to get indigestion, so these kids ended up having to come to the hospital.

The abalone was completely innocent, and she was innocent too, but nobody saw the mischievous and slightly malicious intentions behind the children’s actions.

Towards such self-destructive actions, Ning Shu expressed, they brought it on themselves.

“Su Ran, I won’t allow you to harm my children.” Xiao Yan looked at Ning Shu and said, “I’m going to divorce you.”

Keep dreaming, she’d die before she agreed to divorce.

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