QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0200

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Chapter 200: You Should Wash Them

The next day, Phoenix came over to notify the school doctor uncle and Ning Shu to prepare to leave.

The school doctor uncle was still the one driving. The rest of the group were already waiting in the car. They looked like they were in very bad moods.

One of the reasons why Wolf still hadn’t tried to kill the school doctor uncle was because they couldn’t drive the car. They couldn’t figure out how to start it at all. In addition, they were worried about the bomb the school doctor had talked about.

There was no need to explain how annoyed Wolf was to see the school doctor uncle and Ning Shu. When facing them, he would always look at them with disdain and lofty contempt, as if he was being oh so merciful in letting them live.

Ning Shu ignored Wolf’s contemptful looks and skillfully chose to be deaf to Spider’s mocking. Her skin had really grown a lot thicker.

They encountered many more zombies before they finally reached the city.

The group passed through the city and discovered that it was filled with zombies. There was not a single human in sight. They were originally planning to gather more supplies, but when they looked, they found that all the supermarkets were pretty much empty.

It gave them a very bad feeling. Ning Shu was wondering if the nation had already collapsed. Had the humans already moved to different bases?

Hell, who was she supposed to hand the gene essence to if the nation was gone?

Ning Shu became extremely depressed.

It was already late in the night. The group found a small apartment to stay in. There were some  zombies wandering in the corridors but it didn’t take long to deal with them.

Ning Shu twisted a faucet. Although water did come out, she wasn’t sure if it was drinkable. In the end, she decided not to drink it. The virus had already wrecked the world to the point that even water sources had become polluted.

Ning Shu looked towards the school doctor uncle. This guy seriously was a force of destruction!

“Uncle,” shouted Ning Shu.

The school doctor uncle glanced at Ning Shu. “What is it?”

Ning Shu grabbed the school doctor uncle’s hand and tried earnestly to persuade him. “Uncle, you should f-ing just give up on Phoenix. Let’s run. There are a lot of abandoned cars in the city so Wolf doesn’t need you anymore.”

Didn’t he notice that Wolf had been looking at them with murderous intent ever since they had arrived in the city?

Even though the situation was already like this, the uncle still wanted Phoenix.

The school doctor uncle lowered his eyes to glance at Ning Shu’s hands, then pulled his hand out of her grasp with disdain. “Your hands are so dirty. You should wash them.”

Ning Shu wailed, “Uncle…”

#comment: “In addition, they were worried about the bomb the school doctor had talked about.” And that’s why I shouldn’t be a special agent. I completely forgot that there was a bomb even though I translated that line like… a week ago? Maybe I still have hope, it’s only been like three days in the story… I think.

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