QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0190

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Chapter 190: Mess With Your Hair Again and I’ll Kill You

Wolf brushed back his hair in vexed manner as he said, “Even so, could it be that we should just sit here and wait for the zombies to catch up with us, then run another two kilometers and wait for the zombies to catch up again?”

The school doctor uncle look at Wolf coldly. His gold-rimmed glasses flashed with cold light as he said, “If you mess with your hair again and make the car even more dusty, I’ll kill you.”

Wolf’s hand froze. He wanted to ignore the man, but when he saw the gun at the man’s waist he had no choice but to lower his hand.

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. Uncle, you sure were excessive. This was no longer the normal world. Surviving was already extremely tough, so could we not mind those little things?

Phoenix and Spider could tell that this man was extremely strong, so they didn’t dare to speak much. Phoenix squeezed Wolf’s hand, indicating for him to endure for now.

Wolf got even more angry. He had been humiliated in front of his woman. This was completely destroying his dignity as a man.

“Oh, I don’t have extra food for you guys either, so you guys had better go back and find your own supplies,” said the school doctor uncle mildly.

Everyone: …

However they had no choice. Soon, they went back to the place where the battle had occurred earlier. The zombies were already gone, but the van was still there.

Wolf was the first to get off the car and head over to check if the supplies inside the car were still there. Ning Shu wanted to get off the car to help as well, but the school doctor uncle stopped her. “Just sit here. Even if you head over, you’ll just cause more trouble.”

Ning Shu: …

However, she listened and stayed in the car with the school doctor uncle. Even though it caused Wolf’s group to glare at her with murderous intent in their eyes, she felt much safer with the school doctor uncle. When she turned around, she saw that the school doctor uncle’s sharp gaze had been locked onto Phoenix this entire time.

Phoenix was special agent, so her senses were very sharp. Naturally, she could sense that someone was looking at her and her entire body tensed up. This man’s gaze was very sharp, the pressure it gave off was so strong that she found it hard to breathe.

Ning Shu asked, “Uncle, you like Phoenix?”

“Like?” The school doctor uncle smiled faintly which made him look much gentler. However, in Ning Shu’s eyes, he looked much more twisted.

“A little bit interested.” The school doctor uncle tapped the steering wheel with his slender fingers.

Ning Shu suddenly felt like observing a moment of silence for Phoenix. The school doctor uncle had once said to a different female lead-sama ‘I must have you.’ In the end, she was captured and used as a lab rat. He said he wanted to improve the direction of human genetic development and activate the high class genes in humans, but in the end he messed up the entire world.

So what did he mean now by a little bit interested?

Did he really like her, or did he want to dissect her?

The school doctor uncle propped up his head with his hand and looked pretty languid as he asked Ning Shu, “Have we met before? Why are you calling me uncle?”

Ah. She had gotten too used to calling him uncle, what should she say now? Should she admit that they had once been partners in crime?

Just as Ning Shu was about to speak, there was the crackle of an electric current, then a cold mechanical voice said, “Player cannot reveal her identity. Player is only a transient guest and is not allowed to break the rules of the world.”

Well, it wasn’t like she planned to tell the school doctor uncle her identity anyways. Otherwise, the school doctor uncle would definitely dissect her.

“Hm?” The school doctor uncle raised his brows as he looked at Ning Shu.

“I’m a young lady that’s only around eighteen years of age this year. Uncle, you’re definitely older than me. I’m calling you uncle as a show of respect.” Ning Shu casually made up a reason.

This body was actually only seventeen years old.

While the people inside the car were chatting outside, Phoenix and Wolf had gotten into an argument. The male lead, Wolf, didn’t want to continue traveling with the school doctor uncle, but Phoenix wanted to. She said that at the very least, they should wait until they got to a safe location before parting ways.

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