QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0147

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Chapter 147: Ha. Ha. …Ha

Ning Shu had no interest in watching their show of affection any longer and just said to the servants, “Remember to cook abalone for me.”

Ning Shu’s words caused the pair of grandparents and grandchildren to glare at her again. Su Dabao’s gaze as he looked at Ning Shu was particularly sinister even as he continued to comfort his younger sister. Su Xiaobao was wailing loudly as she peeked through the cracks between her fingers at Ning Shu. Whenever she met Ning Shu’s eyes, she would start wailing with a renewed vengeance. She looked extremely scared of Ning Shu and cried so hard it caused people’s hearts to ache.

“The child’s crying so terribly, yet you’re still talking about abalone? Su Ran, are you that starved? Could it be it’s been eight lifetimes since you’ve eaten abalone?” Madame Xiao glared at Ning Shu as she continued to coax Su Xiaobao gently.

Ning Shu: She really hasn’t eaten abalone in eight lifetimes.

As expected, her very existence was an error. No matter what she did, it was wrong.

Ning Shu simply turned and left without bothering with them. Even those little kids knew to give her attitude and secretly schemed to cause her trouble. It was a wonder how that moronic Su Meng had been able to give birth to such shrewd children, or was it that the Xiao family’s genes were just like this? If that was the case, ha. ha…

The Xiao family parents were furious with her attitude. This daughter-in-law was sure arrogant, to actually treat her elders this way! What kind of daughter-in-law was she? The goal of taking a wife was to marry a virtuous partner, how could a woman like this become the Xiao family’s future female master?

However, Ning Shu didn’t care what the family thought. She had to first open a deposit box to lock up all the things.

After getting that done, Ning Shu went to the Su family home to visit this body’s dad. Ning Shu couldn’t figure out how a person who had spent half his lifetime weaving skillfully in and out of the commerce market had ended up falling into the trap of Xiao Yan, who was younger and more inexperienced than him by a generation.

En, the main character halo definitely defied common logic. Whenever supporting leads and cannon fodders encountered the main lead, their intelligence levels would immediately take a nosedive.

Su Ran’s father was a scholarly middle-aged man with a very calm temperament. One could tell with a look that he was a mature and graceful businessman. When he saw Ning Shu, he took a moment to size her up before saying, “You shouldn’t move around too much right after leaving the hospital.”

Ning Shu smiled and said, “Dad, I’m already fully recovered.”

When Father Su saw the smile on Ning Shu’s face, he furrowed his brows. “How can you still smile? You couldn’t even protect your own child and fell into the scheme of a six-year-old! Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? Are you even still my daughter?”

Ning Shu inwardly remarked, you also fell into Xiao Yan’s scheme too though. Xiao Yan had milked the Su family dry without leaving even a single drop behind.

“Dad, I was wrong, but what else could I do? Those two children have charmed the entire Xiao family, from the parents to the servants. I don’t even have a place to stand in the Xiao family anymore,” said Ning Shu in a pitiful manner.

“You’re seriously a disappointment ah. You can’t even win against children?” Su Bo’s brows furrowed even more. “If it goes on like this, our business with the Xiao family will probably fall apart.”

“Dad.” Ning Shu looked at Su Bo earnestly. “It’s best if we don’t collaborate with the Xiao family anymore.”

“Right now Su Meng and Xiao Yan are pretty passionately in love, and Xiao Yan even said that he was going to get revenge for Su Meng and avenge her parents. Su Meng has always believed that you were the one responsible for the death of her parents, so it’s best if we seek a different direction in business.” Ning Shu kept a depressed expression on her face and did her best to act out the despair of being betrayed by a man.

Su Bo’s expression changed a little. He seemed skeptical of this news and said, “Business is business. Xiao Yan probably won’t go as far as to ruin our two family’s business just for a woman.”

The only response Ning Shu could give to Su Bo’s words were: ha. ha.

Xiao Yan was willing to do anything for Su Meng. How else could he express his love towards Su Meng, fulfill the two children’s dream of living together as a family, and his parents’ hope for him to have a happy marriage?

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